The Hero’s Journey in Slow West

The mythical archetypical elements are crucial not only for ancient sagas and other classical literature, but they also play an important role in... Details

The Image of James Bond in the Films Series

The film industry is an unusual artistic activity, which involves the process of creation of new worlds, often imaginary, and gradual transmission of... Details

Uber Will Not Kill Taxi

Uber, being a startup, is leading to transformations in the transportation industry. It is a company that only started in the year 2009, and covers up to 425 cities... Details

Usage of Technologies in Film Industry

The film era started with the tremendous innovation of the Lumiere Brother’s that turned the world of entertainment upside down... Details

Christopher Columbus

When biographical accounts of Christopher Columbus are compared in Howard Zinn’s account of his experiences to what is portrayed in a book meant for elementary children, then... Details

Computer Sciences Technology

The issue of electronic systems in the government has been advocated for many years. Developing and developed countries have been using information technologies to find better... Details


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