Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I be able to provide feedback?

    Yes. You will have the opportunity to rate every text you buy through our website and to provide feedback on your assigned writer’s performance. Furthermore, you may provide comments on the quality of our writing services by contacting our customer services team.

  • Will I be able to edit my paper?

    You will receive your paper in Microsoft Word format, which is editable. If you have any plagiarism complaints or require revisions, however, these will only apply to the parts we have written.

  • What happens if my deadline has passed and my paper has not arrived?

    The first thing to do is to get in touch with our customer services team to inform them of the issue. Occasionally, customers fail to get our notifications because their email system has filtered these as spam. Furthermore, customers sometimes do not provide the clarifications our writers need so their orders cannot be completed. But, whatever the reason, please contact our representatives to find out why your order is delayed.

  • Will I be able to open an archived file on my iPhone or iPad, and how?

    If your file is archived, just use iZip, WinZip or a similar-type application to access it on a mobile device.

  • By what method(s) will I receive my completed paper?

    Once your paper is complete, it will be made available for you to download from your personal account page. We will additionally send a confirmation email with the file attached in either Microsoft Word format or as an archived file.

  • Does your company provide pre or already-written papers?

    Our company only provides custom-written papers that are crafted in full accordance with the instructions of the customer who orders them.

  • How I can be certain the paper you provide is entirely original?

    Our company will send you a plagiarism report upon request as proof that our work is free of plagiarism. We use a number of reliable systems to check that all work is authentic. But please bear in mind that some content is not considered to be plagiarism, e.g., title pages, references, correctly formatted quotations, block quotes, parts of an assignments, and so on.

  • Is buying a paper from considered to be cheating?

    As previously stated, buying papers online is perfectly legal provided these papers are used for academic or research purposes. understands how serious plagiarism is so we encourage customers to use our services in an honest way.

  • What is included in the price of my order? Are there any hidden charges?

    There are no hidden charges with our writing service. Prices are calculated according to a number of factors such as page or word count, educational level, line spacing, deadline, and so on. You will not be asked to pay extra if the information you initially provide is accurate. If, however, you want additional pages, changes to your deadline, or changes to any instructions, our writer will need to be compensated for the extra work.

  • How safe is it to submit payments via your company’s website?

    Our company guarantees that the payment systems we use are entirely safe. We use the most secure and reliable payment providers. Do not forget that the financial information of customers is not accessible to

  • What methods can I use to pay for my order?

    Once you have filled in all the required fields in our order form you can proceed to the payments page and submit the indicated fee. Please bear in mind that work can only commence on your paper when our finance team receives the necessary order verification. Then we will begin looking for a suitable writer.

  • What happens if I do not receive my completed order?

    Occurrences like this are very rare but do sometimes happen, e.g., in cases where a customer fails to provide required clarification. Customers occasionally neglect to include essential order materials, and we cannot complete orders without these.  Additionally, our financial representatives sometimes ask for identity verification as a means of preventing Internet fraud. So, as can be seen, your cooperation is very important. We absolutely assure you that we always aim to complete orders on time. Please contact our customer services team immediately if you encounter any problems with lateness.

  • What happens if I am dissatisfied with the paper you provide?

    In the event you feel the paper you receive is not good enough in terms of quality or you feel that your assigned writer did not meet your instructions, you may ask for a revision (at no extra cost) for up to two (2) days after your order’s deadline expires. In the case of larger orders, free revisions are available for up to thirty (30) days after a deadline expires. Please note, however, that free revisions are only available where there are no changes to the instructions you initially provide. If you do want to change your original instructions when requesting revisions, an additional compensatory order will be required to reimburse our writer.

  • Will my paper be posted on the Internet?

    Definitely not! You become the sole owner of any paper you purchase and will hold all copyright. We will not resell your paper to other customers or upload it online.

  • How confidential are your writing services?

    You will remain anonymous during your cooperation with our company. Your personal information will never be sold or shared with any other parties. Furthermore, our company does not gather or store credit card details or any other financial data.

  • Does your company operate a Money Back Guarantee or Refund Policy?

    Our company always works hard to ensure customers are satisfied with the products we deliver. If it is the case you feel that we have not followed your instructions meticulously enough or that we have overlooked something, feel free to let us know and we will undertake any revisions you need free-of-charge - provided your request is submitted within two days of your order being delivered. In the event your revised paper still does not meet with your approval, you may request a refund but this must be submitted within 14 days of an order being delivered. Your case will be reviewed in three to four business days and a response provided.

  • Can you explain what my personal profile is?

    When you first place an order via our website, you will be allocated a personal account based on your email address and the password you set. This is your profile. You should use these to log in to your account where you will be able to upload and download documents, communicate with your assigned writer and/or our customer services team, give feedback on the work done by your assigned writer, and so on.  

  • May I hand in the paper you provide as my work?

    The papers we provide are intended only for research and learning purposes. You should only use them as samples or models for creating your own papers.

  • When or how will I receive my completed paper?

    A great deal depends on the urgency of your order or the deadline you provided. Each customer selects the deadline they require, but please bear in mind that the tighter the deadline, the more expensive your order. 

  • Will I be able to change my initial instructions?

    In the event you want to change any aspect of your order such as writing level, length, deadline, and so on, an additional or new order will need to be placed. Please note that the writers at our company work from the instructions they are originally given and any adjustment means more work for them, which will need to be appropriately compensated. Furthermore, there is quite a difference in having three hours rather than three days to write a paper. In the event you want to alter any details of your order, just contact our customer services team. You should additionally provide any necessary clarifications and/or materials before a writer is allocated to your revised order.

  • How long do you need to find a suitable writer?

    The writers in our team are encouraged to accept any order they are sufficiently skilled to complete. This means that only a writer who specializes in your subject area will take on your assignment. It sometimes takes a while to find a writer with much dependent on how complex an order’s instructions are. Hence, you should not worry if we do not immediately identify a writer. If your order is urgent, you are welcome to contact our customer services team to hurry the process up. We absolutely assure you, however, that even the most urgent assignments are completed in a timely manner thanks to the professionalism of our reputable writing service.

  • Will I be able to communicate directly with my assigned writer?

    From the moment you submit and pay for your order, our agents will begin looking for a suitably qualified writer to work on your project. Because we run a highly confidential service, writers and customers can communicate with each other through our secure messaging system. You may contact your assigned writer if you have any questions about your order. We urge you to regularly check your messages in case your writer is trying to contact you for clarification.  

  • What is the process for placing an order?

    Placing an order with is very easy. You just need to complete our online order form providing detailed instructions about your requirements. Please remember to attach or upload any course materials, notes from your professor, and so on. Our writers will not be able to complete your order if they do not have these.

  • Are the writing services you provide legal?

    The writing services that provides to students are entirely legal and are designed to show students what a perfectly-written academic paper should look like. The papers we provide should be used as samples or as guides to writing your own papers, e.g., only for learning and/or research purposes. Our company does not encourage any form of academic cheating or dishonesty.

  • Can I expect a title and reference page with my completed order?

    You will not be expected to pay for a title or reference page when you order from since we provide these free-of-charge. Furthermore, your paper will be formatted in whatever style of citation you require, e.g., APA, Chicago, Oxford, MLA, Turabian, and so on. We additionally include a paper outline, abstract, table of content, and plagiarism report (upon request), all at no extra cost.

  • Does your company only offer writing assistance?

    As well as helping with custom writing projects, our services include proofreading, editing, formatting, and rewriting. These peripheral services are available for all levels of education and writing. For example, you may buy an essay, term paper, research paper, lab report, presentation, thesis, or any type of coursework from us or you may ask us to perfect and/or polish any papers you have written yourself.

  • At what times can I contact you and how? 

    You may get in touch with our representatives at any time since we are available 24x7 every day of the year to deal with any concerns or questions you have. We offer a number of convenient methods of communication by which you can contact us including telephone, email, messaging service, and live chat system.

  • How do you differ from other writing companies?

    Our primary focus is on quality rather than quantity. We appreciate that students only want expertly written papers, which is what our diligent writers aim to achieve. Furthermore, customers who use our writing services enjoy a wide range of solid guarantees.

  • How qualified are the writers you employ?

    It is the policy at to only employ the most highly-qualified and professional writers. These experts are capable of handling any type of writing project with consummate ease. Every writer employed by our company has a PhD, MA, or BA degree in a wide variety of disciplines and is able to accept orders for all levels of education, e.g., from high school through to PhD level and everything in between including college, university, and Master’s level.  


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