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When students taking law classes feel overwhelmed, they often think, “How to write a case brief?” “Who can write my case brief for me?”  They are busy writing their own. “Can a classmate write my case brief for me?” “Can my roommate do it?” Not unless he or she has legal expertise. The truth is, when you need a law assignment that is well written and follows the proper case brief template format, your best bet is to hire the legal writing experts at Essays-Services.net. Our services are affordable and we help our students get the best grades in law school. Before we give you some more details, let us take a look at how to write a case brief example.

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Ten Tips on How to Write a Case Brief

  1. We all know one of those people who likes to boast that they would make a perfect lawyer because they love to argue, but they miss the entire point. Remember that the legal professional is not about who can be the most confrontational, it is about who can win others over using convincing evidence. The point of a case brief is for the audience (including the judge or law clerk) to understand why a case went to court and the process behind resolving it.
  2. Understanding who your audience is. When judges render a decision, they write and publish their opinions. Before writing a case brief, it is important to determine whether the judge has previously decided similar court cases. This serves as a very good predictor for how they will rule in future cases since judges strive to be consistent in their judicial philosophy. It also saves lawyers the embarrassment of trying to persuade a judge without realizing that judge had made a decision on the same issue relatively recently. It is also important to check out if the judge serves in an appellate capacity in order to read his/her rulings. 
  3. Familiarize yourself with the circuit. Judges are bound by the published decisions of the circuit under which they fall. There have been cases in which lawyers will try to ask a judge to use a decision from another circuit to base their rulings on. But judges are not allowed to do that even if they wished to do so. 
  4. Facts matter; soundbites do not. When you are seeking to find support for your position, you might be tempted to cherry pick words that judges use when you should instead focus on the facts. In particular, the judge might say something that you believe gives credence to your position when, in fact, the case itself is factually dissimilar. 
  5. Keep it brief. When it comes down to it, cases are usually decided by one key issue. And yet, when people write briefs they feel like they have to cover every single base, even if some of the arguments they are making are weak. The real problem with this is that weak arguments dilute the entire case brief when the writer should instead keep it focused on the strong arguments. 
  6. The quality of your work matters. When choosing cases to cite, make sure they are credible and relevant. In particular, you would want to check and make sure the cases have not been overruled or that you are either misquoting or taking a quote out of context. If you are lazy with your research, these are things that other legal experts are bound to discover. 
  7. When presenting the facts, make sure they are accurate. Ultimately, the judge’s job is as the finder of fact. If you are alleging facts that are impossible to prove, this is something a judge will know. In addition, once a case goes to trial, any facts mentioned in the pre-trial brief need to be proven. In a post-trial brief, do not forget to include the facts in the record. 
  8. Be direct and to the point. This might seem obvious, but a lot of lawyers neglect this. When writing a case brief, it is important to finish by explaining to the judge exactly what you think needs to be done in a particular case. Judges might be brilliant, but they cannot read minds. 
  9. Always be civil. Judges are not interested in reading briefs that contain personal attacks or other indications of anger or hostility. What they want to see is evidence based on the merits of the case, regardless of your feelings towards your opponents. The best way to win over the judge is to be persuasive! Prove that your opponents are wrong. Shouldn’t the satisfaction of winning the case be the priority? Avoid using words like, “absurd” “nonsensical” “ridiculous” etc. 
  10. Keep motions to reconsider at a minimum. Keep in mind that when judges write an opinion, they can spend 50 hours or more doing research and everything else that is required to support their reasoning. Given this, it is extremely unlikely that a judge will change their mind about a case unless it is clear that they erred. As a result, it is simply a waste of time. Instead, the best course of action would be to appeal to a higher court. You will not hurt the judge’s feelings since they understand that you have this right.

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