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When you are a student, especially an upperclassman or in graduate school, a research paper is a very common assignment. But before you set about writing it, you have to first work on the research proposal. Given the importance of this initial step, a lot of students who need help with this buy a research proposal paper from a professional writer. When you buy a research proposal online at, our writers will produce something that truly impresses your supervisor as well as the committee. Here are some suggestions for writing an effective research proposal, courtesy of our expert professional academic writers.

The purpose of the research proposal is to explain why the topic you have chosen is relevant and significant. It is something like an abridged version of the actual research paper, with the data and actual results obviously omitted since nothing has been collected yet. But make no mistake, the proposal is not a mere summary of your research paper.

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The main point of a research proposal is to make the case that the topic you intend to investigate is necessary and worthwhile and makes a contribution both to your chosen study field and indeed academia in a broader sense. The key is to chose an element of a problem for which a gap in the literature exists and not simply explore something that has already been studied (except in situations in which you are specifically being asked to replicate the results of a previous study).You also need to discuss your process of methodology selection. In particular, you will explain why the method(s) that you chose are most appropriate and why other types would not be. Finally, you will explain why the results would be useful for other researchers.

Regarding the length and complexity of the research proposal, they vary greatly from paper to paper. The shortest ones are around 3-5 pages long and provide very basic details previewing what you plan to study whereas others can exceed 30 pages and include a large amount of information about the proposal. The research proposal is not just an excuse to make you do a lot of work; it really does have its benefits. It gives the future research paper focus, provides proper organization, and allows you to tinker around with your research methods when necessary. Finally, having a proposal to show to your supervisor for approval sure beats plowing through a 100-page research paper only to have critics determine that the study served no purpose.

In a nutshell, this is how your research proposal should be structured:

  • Aims and objectives;
  • Significance of the proposed topic under study;
  • References to prior research and the gaps in the literature that you believe are important to fill in;
  • Your research methods, particularly as it relates to how you intend to collect your data;
  • Assumptions about the results you might expect and why they would be important.

As you are developing your research proposal, it is obviously important to check up with your supervisor and even the committee who will review it to make sure you are on the same page since your particular department might have its own specific requirements. Talk to classmates in your area of study to find out how they are approaching their papers. It would also be useful to track down alumni and get some insights into how their research proposals (and, ultimately, their final paper) were scrutinized. This will serve you well since you will be able to eliminate potential misunderstandings regarding expectations and focus on the elements that your supervisor and committee will view favorably. The result will be a proposal that gets approved.

Do Not Ignore the Structure and Formatting Details

Your research proposal needs to be highly organized and demonstrate that you take the responsibilities very seriously.

  • As you prepare the title page, make sure that it meets the formatting guidelines based on the required academic style (APA, MLA, etc.). While the final research paper will include an abstract, it is very unlikely that your proposal will require one unless it is significantly lengthy. When in doubt, always ask your supervisor.
  • The introduction is extremely important as it sets the tone for the research proposal. In particular, it provides justification for why your topic is significant and worthy of further investigation. Start with some background information about the topic in order to explain the importance of the topic. As with all papers, the intro should end with the thesis statement in which you discuss the research problem and highlight the goals of the research.
  • The literature review is also an essential component. Choose a variety of literature that expresses different viewpoints and make sure to include both primary and secondary sources. You will also need to explain why certain sources will be included while others will be excluded. 
  • The methods section should clearly state which research methodology techniques will be used and why. For instance, if the funding for the research is limited, the paper could explain that sending questionnaires via SurveyMonkey was chosen because it offered a cost-effective solution.
  • The conclusions section should discuss what you understand based on the literature thus far and why the results could have a positive impact on your field of research. It is important to leave a  impression on your supervisor and the committee since this will be the final component that they read before making a decision about whether they will let you proceed to the research itself.


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