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Some people may state that they should not refer to any online academic writing companies, but at our affordable prices each person does need them. Our online academic writing company has been offering high quality and unique writing, formatting and editing services at very reasonable and affordable prices.

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Get to Know How It Works

How It Works

First step: Filling out an Order Form

All you are supposed to do is to indicate all the requirements and details you consider that will assist our writer in creating the most fascinating essay and then proceed with your payment. In case you feel puzzled during the ordering process, you can phone our custom support staff or utilize a live chat. Whenever you do this, our custom support representative will get in touch with your immediately and help you. It is one of our priorities to ensure that your cooperation and experience with our company will be only pleasant.

Second step: Payment Process

Each payment made by our customer is securely processed. Such a practice enables our online academic writing company to guarantee and ensure confidentiality and security of their process payments.

Third step: Assigning a Writer

After having attentively checked all the details and requirements of the order, our support agent will try finding and assigning an appropriate writer who will work on your assignment. Please consider that our company might have a need to contact you regarding additional information or details if some instructions or requirements seem to be missing. Our company assures that our professionals are well trained and educated in their fields of specialism and finding an excellent author will not be a big problem or concern. It usually takes about 20-30 minutes to find the best professional to fulfill your written assignment.

Fourth step: Conducting Research

After the author has been assigned, she or he starts conducting his / her own research on the chosen subject or topic and applying the topic-related information or materials that he / she has gained free or approved access to. If you want, you may also provide your writer with useful materials (it is up to you to decide, but our company encourages our customers to do this to gain a desirable result).

10% word count difference
(300 words instead of 270 words per page)
15% off for a first-time order
25% off

Fifth step: Formatting and Editing

Once your work is ready, our editors will check it for any grammar or spelling mistakes, as well as context, plagiarism, and adherence to the instructions set by you. This measure allows increasing the quality of the completed work and decreasing the possibility of revisions to a minimum.

Sixth step: Work Delivery

Once your work is completed, you can freely upload it through your personal dashboard or it can be sent to your email. Sometimes, the author can leave you a note regarding your order if there are any additional pieces of information that he/ she considers informing you about.

Additional Services Provided by Our Online Academic Writing Company

  • Revisions

If you consider that the ready work needs revising, you are always welcome at our company. You are supposed to inform our staff of your remarks or indicated the places that should be revised. We guarantee free revision for you to be satisfied with your work as our pleased customers are one of our priorities. 

  • Editing services

If you have completed your work by yourself and need someone who will review it or make some necessary changes to improve its quality and flow, then you can refer to our company.

One of our highly qualified editors will do all the necessary changes or rewrite some sentences or paragraphs. The editor will also correct all the evident mistakes that they may come across in your work to make it clear, coherent and understandable for future readers.

  • Proofreading services

Proofreading is aimed at examining the final paper or essay draft in order to ensure that it is free of any errors. Our proofreaders will review all types of mistakes in spelling, punctuation, grammar or incorrect application of English. Hiring a professional proofreader is very helpful if you are not aware of or confident about your writing skills.

  • Plagiarism reports

We guarantee plagiarism-free papers on any topic. As a double check of the paper originality, you are free to order a full plagiarism PDF report while placing the order or afterwards by contacting our Customer Support Team. We have been using different plagiarism-searching software engines to find any cases of plagiarized context in your work. In case plagiarism is found, the writer or editor will make necessary corrections to eliminate it. All works written by our sophisticated experts are plagiarism free.

If you have any questions regarding the work of our company, please inform our custom support staff and you will be provided necessary answers right away.


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