Various Types of Assignments

Essay Assignments

It is one of the shortest academic papers written by students. It can be presented on any subject. Students have to write different types of essays during their studies, including argumentative, cause and effect, expository, and descriptive ones.

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Please remember that if you place an order for an essay, it should not be longer than 9 single-spaced or 19 double-spaced pages. Otherwise, you will have to select a different assignment type. For example, you may need a dissertation or a thesis. If you still need an essay, it will have the following components:

  • Free title page
  • An introduction with a thesis statement
  • A body of several paragraphs
  • A conclusion
  • A free list of references or a works cited page (also free)
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Term Paper

A term paper is the final point of studies in any course or semester. It is actually a test given by tutors to students. It is a written paper, usually quite large, which much prove that you have mastered the course content and can use them in academic tasks.

For example, you may need to conduct additional research on a topic that was studied in class. A thesis statement must be included. It must be presented as the last sentence of the introduction.

Research Paper

A research paper is similar to term paper in a sense that it culminates the process of learning and applying new material in practice. It requires a great deal of time and perseverance. It must be properly organized. Everything borrowed from external sources must be properly cited and referenced. Students working on research paper usually spend a lot of time gathering data from credible sources and analyzing this information. The purpose of any research paper is to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the current research on a given topic and provide recommendations to analyze the issue in depth.

A research paper usually includes the following components:

  1. Free title page
  2. Abstract (if needed)
  3. Introduction
  4. Review of literature
  5. Methods
  6. Analysis of data
  7. Results
  8. Discussion section
  9. Conclusion

Free list of references

Depending on the specific requirements for a research paper, some components noted above may be omitted, Please refer to the requirements given by your tutor to make sure that all required components have been included.

Book Report

Book report is another type of informative paper writing, whose purpose is to report the plot of the book. Book reports must be objective and unbiased. They contain a summary of the book. Even if an evaluation component is included, it is not as important as the summary. Book reports are written to convey the main theme of the book rather than to evaluate or critique its contents.

Book Review or Movie Review

A book or movie review is different from a book or movie summary. It implies a critical evaluation and analysis of the plot, structure, context, and other components of the story. It also includes a personal response.

A book or movie review will usually include the following components:

  1. Title
  2. Author
  3. A brief summary (not more than 3 sentences)
  4. A thorough analysis and evaluation
  5. Recommendations for readers/viewers


Coursework is usually written at the end of a course or a semester. It is different from semester quizzes, which simply repeat the key material learned in class. A coursework is a broader and more extensive assignment, which requires a thorough analysis of the topic in a context. A coursework can take many forms, from a small essay to a research paper.

Research Proposal

Research proposals usually include the following components: Free title page, free abstract, free table of contents, an Introduction, Background of the Issue, Problem statement, Literature review, Research questions or hypotheses, Methodology, a free list of references, and appendices (if needed).

A research proposal usually follows the formatting required for theses and dissertations. However, it does not contain any actual results. The purpose of a research proposal is to propose an idea for a study, justify its relevance, and provide a rationale for selected methods and processes. A research proposal is written in the present tense.

Annotated Bibliography

It is a comprehensive alphabetical list of references with annotations. It may include journal articles, books, credible websites, and so on. All references should be tied to the same topic. It resembles a list of references or a work cited page, except that it also includes an annotation following each reference. Such annotations comprise summary and a critical evaluation of each source. However, you should always follow your professor's requirements. For example, your professor may not need an evaluative component - simply a summary of each source.

Online Test/Quiz

When placing an order for an online quiz, follow a simple rule: divide the number of questions by 5 to calculate the number of pages. We count every 5 questions of your quiz as a 300-word essay paper. For instance, if your quiz is 30 questions long, you will have to place an order for 6 essay pages. At times, an online quiz will include questions that require extensive writing, which is why it is important to evaluate the approximate word count for each answer and calculate the number of pages you need to order from us. For instance, if you have a quiz of 10 questions 200 words each, you will have to order 7 essay pages (2000 words).


Different variations of the same task

  • Multiple choice questions -simply choose a correct answer
  • Gap filling - find the right word to complete the sentence
  • Transformation - reword the original sentence without distorting its meaning
  • Cloze - use a word to add to each gap in a sentence
  • Matching - find the right word on the left to fill in the gaps on the right
  • True/false - see if the statement is false or truthful
  • Closed questions - say yes or no
  • Open questions - provide an elaborate answer
  • Error correction - locate and correct mistakes in a sentence or a text

Multiple Choice Questions

Use the same rule as above - 5 questions equal a 300-word essay page

Thesis/ Dissertation

Your thesis or dissertation will incorporate the following components: a free title page, free acknowledgment page, free list of figures and tables, free abstract, introduction, review of literature, methods section, results section, discussion, conclusion, free list of appendices, and free list of references or bibliography. However, if you already have some special requirements from your professor, do not hesitate to send them to the writer. It may happen that some elements should be omitted, whereas others should be added to make up a perfect project for the highest grade.

Editing/ Proofreading

If you place an order for editing or proofreading, you expect us to do some of the following things:

  • Correcting spelling, punctuation, and grammar
  • Correcting sentence structure
  • Reformatting your paper according to your requirements
  • Editing the contents of your paper to make it more accurate and consistent
  • Reviewing the correctness of the formatting and citation style used;
  • Adding/removing/editing footnotes and endnotes
  • Checking capitalization and sentence formatting
  • Checking and correcting acronyms and abbreviations
  • Reviewing the use of foreign terms and italics
  • Reviewing the formatting and style of tables of contents, appendices, etc.
  • Reformulating table and figure legends;
  • Reviewing the sequence and correctness of numbering
  • Identifying and correcting run-on sentences
  • Removing sexist or derogatory language
  • Removing wordiness and redundancy
  • Checking the use of active and passive voice
  • Cross-referencing
  • Managing sentence and paragraph structure
  • Managing tone and style
  • Adding/removing headings
  • Matching tables to their descriptions in text;
  • Adding cover page, title page, acknowledgments
  • Creating a table of contents
  • Reviewing the flow of text
  • Reviewing accuracy and style in citations and references
  • Checking page numbers
  • Checking margins

Editing and Proofreading Service does not Include

  1. Writing;
  2. Conducting Research.


If you place an order for rewriting, it means that we will:

  1. Rewrite or paraphrase the entire paper or some components of the paper
  2. Reviewing the grammar, spelling, punctuation and style of the paper
  3. Reviewing sentence structure
  4. Reformatting the original paper


This is where we will reformat the original paper according to your requested formatting style, such as MLA, APA, Oxford, or any other

Excel Tasks

Excel tasks are also becoming more popular, as more students enter financial courses and must do sophisticated financial calculations. Excel tasks may also be used in engineering and mathematic courses. They often require additional payment due to urgency and complexity.

PowerPoint Presentation

The cost of a PowerPoint presentation is calculated, depending on the number of slides in it. Additional payment is required if speaker notes are to be included in the PPT. We will include 100-150 words per slide.

Case Study Analysis

In a case study analysis, your main task is to explore some problem, consider alternatives, and justify the most feasible and promising one. A good case study analysis will include the following components:

  1. Introduction
  2. Background of the issue
  3. Possible alternative solutions
  4. Benefits and constraints of each
  5. The best proposed solution
  6. Rationale for choosing it
  7. Personal opinion
  8. Recommendations and conclusions

Rough Draft

You can ask the writer to provide a rough draft of your paper just to make sure that everything is right. We will provide a 1-page draft, and it will be forwarded to you before the first half of the deadline expires.


You may also ask the writer to write a summary of your paper. You will receive one full-page summary, which will be forwarded to you as a separate attachment.

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