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Research Paper Sample

Profiling Drug Arrest

Through the practice of drugs trade prevention, the specialists found some features common for drug smugglers. Such features allow to identify a drug courier among other people. Through the connection of these regularities in one image, drug law enforcement agents get “drug courier profiles” and effectively use them (Levinthal, 2012). According to Levinthal, the U. S. Supreme Court accepted and legalized such practice as a way to get a “reasonable basis” to suspect some category of people more than others (Levinthal, 2012). It was in 1989, after the arrest of African American Andrew Sokolow who was alleged to be a drug courier.

Besides, such practice can lead to at least two different sequences. In some cases, drug courier profile can include some objective features common for all drug smugglers without any relation to their race, ethnicity and other characteristics that do not depend on personal will. Certainly, in this case, law enforcement officers have some reason to suspect only some groups of people (according to the experience of drugs trade prevention). Besides, such attention to some people instead of a fair investigation can distort the prism through which the police see the society. Drug couriers can use this information and exclude themselves from the suspicious group by some specific clothing and behavior. At the same time, the police can get the right to suspect and search everyone who respects to their profiles. Another difficult side of drug courier profiling is its racial aspect. Some officers consider all “blacks” criminals, and they can stop a car or search a bag of a person only because of black skin (Cespedes-Yaffar et al., n.d.).

Drug courier profiling is a very useful way to prevent drugs distribution in the state, but it has some negative aspects that can violate human rights on equality. Such situation is typical for all cases when the opposition between the security and freedom appears. As well, the problem of drug courier profiling is controversial, and there is no way to resolve it. 


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