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Usage of Technologies in Film Industry

The film era started with the tremendous innovation of the Lumiere Brother’s that turned the world of entertainment upside down. People became more and interested in the ability to transmit the sound and provide the color to created picture. However, the overall hit in the development the film industry received when Disney implemented the idea of motion cartoon movies. Within the time and development of the information, technologies changed the industry with the special effects, sound, and light that directors and producers use through the process of the movie creation. Nevertheless, the cinematography became rather the industry of money and influence. More and more people invest in the film production industry in order to obtain the share from the movie rental rather than pay attention to the innovation technology or the value of the movie itself. Has the technology positively impacted the film industry? The short answer is yes. The majority of well-known movies put under question the positive impact of the technologies on the film industry; however the quality of the product has increased. Information technologies help the producer to realize the idea of the movie as fullest as possible. The modern films are as well as masterpiece created now by the human imagination in cohesion of information technologies. Nevertheless, the notion of the quality differs on basis of the audience experience and expectations. Secondly, the number of the classic movies was filmed using black and white tape, for example the Charlie Chaplin series.

The ability of the modern technology to create the reality with the help of the imagination allows people to create their own reality. As a result people form the opinion on what is good and common, regardless the circumstances. An example of the reflection of the peoples opinion is movie Godzilla, filmed in1954 by Ishiro Honda. Vink and his colleges claim that movie is able to form the opinion regarding the particular occasion or historical fact. Accordingly, the sci-fi fiction Godzilla was the manifest of Japan’s freedom after the Peace Memorandum has been signed.

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The information trasmited through the plot and idea of the film creates the tomorrow’s reality. The modern world of media is transformed and shaped regarding the need and ability of the people to accept and overwork the information. TV channels and production studios continue their tournament in the desire to catch and keep people’s attention closer to the TV set’s while the prime time. The great example is the fact that the biggest share of the media market belongs to BBC 1. The total percentage of the watchers is more than one-fifth of the population of the country. The people are rather interested in visiting the modern 3D and 4D premier movies in the cinema than to watch the movie at home. Every household target is to get the biggest, the thinnest TV set in the history. The usual number of channels that is distributed to the household is sixty. An interesting fact is that according to the results of the survey and analysis out of sixty channels members of the family watch only fifteen. On one hand, this is the good sign as people still pay attention to the usual thing as an idea to go to the cinema. On the other hand, despite the fact, that people are suggested the vast number of opportunities and ability to personalize the stream of the news, they rarely use the suggested options and prefer to pick on their own what to watch.

The quality of the content, people are paying more and more attention. Not the last role in the ability of the watcher to choose the way how to watch the movie is the access to the World Wide Web. At the current moment the number of people who are having mobile phones reached 4.61 billion people. The free access to the Internet gave the ability to select or create the content. According to the statistic predictions till 2019 the number of handles owners will reach tremendous 5.07 billion. These numbers proclaim that at the current moment Internet, as technology has become the moving force of the change. However, after the deeper research and analysis, it becomes clear that production companies are beginning to ban the illegalized distribution of the intellectual property, which every movie is. There reason for the ban. First of all, the law of the property, which describes in every contract conditions of the copy and distribution of the movie before the start of the shooting. The second reason, as long as the film reached the Internet, it is downloaded to the free torrents and websites, from which everyone, who has desire can download it and watch actually for free. About 3.5 billion people have access to the Internet around the globe. Modern production industries try to avoid such situation and create the deficit of free access to the film. With these actions they also save the digital video production.

Technology companies were the starter of the industry brake through during the so-called format wars. In the film production industry distinguish two types of videos: analog and digital video. The era of the analog video started with the JVC (Victor Company of Japan) release of the tape at the beginning of 1970th in Japan. The first JVC tapes appeared in the USA in 1977. The majority of the people used JVC for home video. However, for film production industry this was the huge market for the distribution. The competition between the companies ended up with the development of a digital video that is familiar to us today. The first mention about the digital video appeared in 1982 ("Video History"). This was the booming approach in the industry as allowed to distribute the videos with higher quality faster. The VHS market started to ruin, while more and more people began to be interested into the implementation of the digital video. The information is stored as binary digits. The advantages for this video comparing to analog was that the length of the time the recorded movie will be stored increased twice, while the average life period of the analog video last from ten to thirty years. As a result, there are movies that are released again in digital format and win the nomination of the Best DVD Classic Video Release from Saturn Award, for example in 2007 won the famous movie Godzilla (1954) produced by Ishiro Honda. The Award with the label DVD was developed in 2002 and has several positions.

Before the movie has the kickoff for production, the companies usually make the market research in order to understand what genre might be interesting for the audience and what expectation exist already, when asking about the specific genre. UNESCO provided the survey in order to understand where the majority of films produced are. As a result, USA hits the top of the movie production. For example, in 2012 the top ten positions were taken by the USA. Out of ten movies, only four were filmed in cooperation with Great Britain or Germany. Despite these tremendous results, the leader in modern film production is India.Moreover, in the survey are included the information about the technologies and locations. The usual process of the movie creation involved the idea and scenario development which included in early years the development of miniature effect, situation and stop motion usage. The overall time needed for the development of the movie might last from five to seven years. For the movie, which was the transistor of the idea, seven years is the huge period of time, not saying about the idea which is relevant just for a year.

Information technologies managed to shorten the time of special effects development to less than a year. The stop-motion technique was popular in 60th- 70th years of the twenties century. The main idea was to photo the creature or personage, which was moved slowly depending on the scene and idea. Frames in such cases were photographed separately and individually. This technique was common for fiction movies. For example, James Cameron in his movie Avatar used the CGI technology. It means Computer Generated Image. Both phases of 3D design included the pre-production and post-production development. The camera usually moves simultaneously while the computer is recording the scene. Only after that process are applied such terms like high-quality, high-resolution. As a result, the number of people involved in the process has been double less. Often for the particular file there is a need to develop the software, include the details of web design, 3D design of creatures, stereoscopic 3D modeling, and modeling of the unusual crafts and environment elements.

The film production moved from stop-motion effect to the action type movies. Position during the filming is rather high in order to get the scene, or very close to film the face expression. The usage of this technique was known before the Avatar filming in the last movie about the Terminator. The technique allowed transferring facial expressions of the actor to the character created for the movie. The stage during the performance was six times bigger than ever seen in the industry. However, during the work in the movie, actors wear a special face mask that helped to determine the facial performance. The technology used in the movies is named “image-based facial performance capture”. The booming effect of the information technologies usage was done while filming the Avatar, Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. In these three movies were used the techniques of the miniature development and situation, which is the basis of the main scene, together with the usage of the multiple-camera setups and motion capture technologies.

The animation is becoming from year to year the trend in the cinematography. With the help of Weta Digital, Cameron managed to create the digital animation in Avatar that we know today. Every element in the movie was rendered into the animation. As a result, the attention to the details paid off thousand times. An interesting fact is that lightning and shadowing that was used during the filming reached 1000 terabytes. Especially for the Avatar was design the camera named Stereoscopic 3D Fusion Camera System. This camera helped Cameron to eliminate the trace between real and fiction world during the filming, mainly during the live action scenes. Simul camera allowed Cameron to watch the shooting process as a whole picture and make minor changes in decoration or scenario. While with the CGI camera actors, as well as the producer had the ability to breathe life in the 3D modeled creatures.

The plot was the major factor of the action oriented films and was provoked by the information technologies. Less and less time is paid to the development of the long dialogs. Usually, lines of the actors are short and sharp. Between the dialogs, there is the huge gap filled with the act and action, panoramas followed by the muzak. There is no need to choose the location as the location might be created with the help of 3D technologies. Despite this, producers still believe that live and the natural view is far better than the computer animation that reminds the game. Often scenes are shot and corrected afterward using special computer programming.

All of these technologies were developed together with the step-by-step forward motion of the information technologies industries. Now the vast majority of the movies provided are done by the Pixar, which was established by Steve Jobs. The computer-based animation is the new approach in the film industry. Everything that might be changed and moved is done by the animation. Despite the idea that animation is an art, it is also the part of the multimedia systems.

To conclude, the overall influence on the film industry became visible starting the twenty-first century. Producers tried to develop cameras that will help to implement and realize the ideas of the film. Despite the plot and idea of the film has to be present the action. Despite the tremendous changes in the industry influenced by the development of the Information Technologies, film production industry tries to keep the trend. However, as in 80th digital video competed with the analog video, in twenty-first century, the film industry will compete with the average user of the Internet, who is able now to run the personal YouTube channel and go live on Facebook. The film as a common part of life might be moved to the sector tough to achieve the high-quality product. This is the reason for film production companies to limit the access to the number of films. Moreover, in order to attract the existing audience, productions are interested in the involvement of a unique technology. Nevertheless, the true movie fans will find their own ideal film genre.


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