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One of the characteristics of the 20th and the 21st centuries is increased globalization. Different factors has contributed to this globalization, with some factors being more influential than others. For example, some of the known factors of globalization include transportation and communication, technology, public policy and improvements and capital flows. Among these factors, technology/improvements and trade policies seem to have influenced globalization the most.

On its part, technology has led to increased production of goods and services and has therefore, affected trade in direct ways. The capacity to produce has forced nations to look for other countries in order to sell their products because of production surplus.

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Technology in the area of communication and information has also changed the way people work. Today, it possible to work across the globe through information technology through outsourcing. Global companies are becoming more reliant on labor from other nations because they are cheap and reliable. In return, this is leading to increased globalization.

One of the areas of technological breakthrough that has moved the world towards higher levels of globalization is the internet technology. In this case, computer networks across the world are linked. In addition, the development of easy to use and cheap devices such as tablets, smart phones and laptops have increased internet use and networking.

Technology in the area of transport has also made the village accessible within the shortest time possible. In the past, people used to travel far in order to access regions and countries. However, since the technological development of the motor vehicles followed by the airplane technologies, destinations have become close. Today, it is possible to travel across the world in two days, which was not the case in the past. Most people would take months and years on the sea trying to navigate to other points around the world.

Technology has also increased knowledge and access to knowledge. As a result, people are now more aware about one another and can travel to share knowledge including technological knowledge.

Another factor that has made the path to globalization simpler is trade policies and trade agreements. Since the Second World War came to an end, the world joined together to facilitate international trade. Organization and policies such as (GATT) also known as General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade were formulated. Others like WTO or the World Trade Organization were also formed and this facilitated international trade. These agreements and organization increased the ability of countries to produce what they were best at producing and share the same with the world. Therefore, production became worthwhile while interrelationship among nations increased.

After the war, only a few countries in the world joined to form a world trade policies. With time many more countries have joined the WTO so as to enjoy the benefits that comes with free trade.

As time went by, exports and imports increased. As a result, nations became more interdependent on one another. In fact, the world became vulnerable to changes in the international economies because of this interrelationship. This means that the economic breakdown of one country can easily affect others in the trade network because of the interdependence.

For example, the great depression, which mostly affected the US economy had an effect on other countries too because of the role that this country has on international trade. This was also the case with the recent financial breakdown, which affected other financial institutions across the world since trade is practiced in all sectors including then financial sectors. For example, the microchip technology has managed to make banking a global as funds can be accessed and transferred to different areas in the world using this technology.


Based on my personal understanding of globalization, it is the process where the world is interconnected in various ways such as transport, communication, trade and many others.

Therefore, globalization is the ability to travel from one continent to another at much lower costs and with ease. In the past, people could not travel far since they mostly used horses, camels and donkeys. As a result, people were confined in one region and also used to trade, interact and fight with people from those regions. In fact, most of the wars during this time were between empires and tribes that had contact with one another due to their closeness. For example, it was hard for people in the Mayan Kingdom pick a fight with people in the Egyptian kingdoms because of the distance. However, with increased globalization, people can now travel and reach different continents with much ease. As a result, people can now engage in world wars as each country or kingdom is a neighbor to the other.

Globalization is also the ability to share customs and cultures. In the past, most of the cultures were traditional. The western culture, which is considered as the modern culture was only confined to most European countries. However, globalization led to the sharing of culture. The Western culture became a dominant culture in the world as most nations became westernized. Similarly, some customs and values from other cultures were transmitted from one nation to the other. For example, it is common to find Italian cuisines in different parts of the world regardless of their distance from Italy. Therefore, this ability is what I can term as a globalization.

Globalization, in my personal views is the ability to communicate to people across the globe with much ease. Today, I can call a person in Asia, Africa and Australia without struggling or without delaying. I can relay information to different parts of the world within a minute. This was not the case in the past since communication was mostly restricted within regions. Communication to other parts of the world would take years because the means of communication were not fast and were also not reliable. However, globalization has ensured all this. Because of the ability to communicate easily, families can now live across the globe and still carry out their usual businesses like people who are close to one another. They can also see each other as they carry out their duties. Although they cannot touch or feel one another, their images and voices bring a sense of interconnectedness between them.

Globalization also means the ability to work in global platforms and get monthly payments. In the past, working was only confined to one region. It was impossible for people to commute daily to other areas. However, globalization has enabled work and employment to be much easier. A person in Asia can be a sales person in an American company. Similarly, a company in the US can offer daily solutions to people in Asia, African and in the Middle East. This ability to work and serve others from huge distances is what globalization means.

Lastly, globalization means sharing problems as well as happiness with others in the world. A good example of some of the shared problems is the HIV/AID, which is not an epidemic in one country. Instead, it is a world epidemic that can easily be shared across the continent. Another example is Ebola, which though it may be a diseases of one region, it calls the whole world together to prevent the death of the human race.


Globalization impacts my daily life in both good and bad ways. Because of globalization, I can get daily fresh produce without having to own a garden. Since I live in the urban areas and since most of my country is urbanized, it is hard to get fresh fruits and vegetables on daily basis. However, globalization have ensured that I can get all these from different parts of the world with a lot of ease. Some of the food I eat every day is transported from other continents daily. This has been facilitated by increased development in the area of technology and increased trade, all of which are important factors of globalization.

Some of the cloth I wear has also been sourced from the world and are a result of globalization. Although some of them are made in the country, the fact is that their raw materials are from various regions across the continent. Because of this, I have many clothing that I can exchange on daily basis. I have many attires that can last me for a month or so. This would not be the case without globalization. If globalization was not in existence, I would probably have few clothes because my countrys produce would probably not be enough for all of us. However, comparative advantage has enabled this country to concentrate on other areas of technological production and source other materials from different parts of the world more easily than before.

Globalization and its effects have affected the environment that I live in and this is affecting my daily life. In the past before globalization took its full effect, I used to experience each season at its own designated time. Winter was winter while summer was pure summer. However, this has changed as winter has become colder while summer has become very hot. In some seasons, summer delays while winter goes beyond the months it is supposed to be winter. In some cases, the rain in spring is too much.

Sometimes, I am forced to wear heavy clothing while I should not be wearing them. The greenhouse gas effect and global warming is also affecting me. In most cases, I have to live with environmental pollution such as carbon emissions, all which are part of the effects of globalization. Without globalization, the city would not be very crowded. In addition, there would not be many cars on the streets since people would have enough spaces for them.

Globalization has therefore led to congestion. The house I live in would be bigger and the compound I use would also be bigger since there would be more space. However, immigration, which is facilitated by globalization has made the place to be very crowded. This is also the case in the school since many people are in this school because of the ability to study abroad and share knowledge across nations.

Globalization also provides me with a lot of choices when it comes to entertainment. In the past, the TV was somehow boring as most of the programs were monotonous. However, because of globalization, I now have a range of programs from different parts of the world to choose from. In addition, I can now access news from international realm. I can share jokes with my international friends. Being on my computer has never been as much fun. Carrying my smartphone is also fun as I can interact with different people in the world.


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