New Challenges in Graphic Design

Recent research in the field of graphic design reveals a set of changing elements. Logo design and ... Details

Theft Identification and Social Networking

The study of the processes of communication, in general, is a branch of sociological theory. However, the theories of mass ... Details

Intercultural Communication

Computer mediated communication is communication that takes place through the use ... Details

The Role of Women in Vietnamese Society

The role of women in society is a controversial issue that is dependent on certain historical and social context of each nation. Gender inequality exists in every society to a certain extent. In Vietnamese culture, the role of women was always considered equal to the men’s one... Details

The Significance of Shaka

History has left humanity with very little written documents about the wars in black Africa, as its nations simply had no writing. Arabs and Romans, in their historical writings, gave only fragmentary information about the war that took place in the south of the Sahara Desert. Even the most aggressive... Details

Automotive Repair

The economic world faces an increasing growth of small business enterprises. Small businesses must recognize the importance of training and development in shaping the high-performance operations. In essence, employees are the most valuable resource of a business... Details


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