Hohokam Canal System Essay

The Hokhokams were one of the earliest American cultures. When during the archaic period, the climate became adverse, and the region of modern Arizona became droughty, inhabitants of the Hokhokam people showed a considerable ingenuity and managed to keep both the cultural originality... Details

Social Anxiety Disorder in The King’s Speech

A large number of films portray people who suffer from social anxiety disorder, however, 2010 British drama film, The King’s Speech, does it especially. The film tells a story of Prince Albert and his path of becoming King George VI. The Duke overcomes... Details

Stories that Changed America

Carl Jensen is the Director and founder of Project Censored. It is America's oldest research project on censorship in the news media. He has been involved in various types of media for over five decades as a newspaper reporter, publisher of a weekly newspaper... Details

The Illusion of Life

The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation is a book written by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston. According to the view of directors and animators, the book is considered to be “the bible” of the sphere. Moreover, character animation... Details

People of Latin Ancestry in the American Media

The United States of America is a country that prides itself for being a diverse society that has people with different cultural backgrounds and origins. The US has been described as an immigrant nation since it has people from all over the world who interact and share their cultures diverse cultures... Details

The Problem of Admissibility of Lie

Immanuel Kant had repeatedly initiated discussion of the problem of lie and provided thematically specific examples of the issue. In the “On a Supposed Right to Lie Because Of Philanthropic Concerns”, Kant examines the example of a person who... Details


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