Cumulative Advantage

The cumulative advantage (CA) principle posits that after a social agent acquires a small advantage over other social agents, they are in a better position to gain a larger advantage in the future. The CA principle is sometimes called the Matthew Effect... Details

Death Penalty in Texas

According to the U. S. Constitution every citizen has a right for life and security. However, sometimes this right is neglected by other people who take away this life. The government is very strict with such criminals as the death sentence is one... Details

Qing – Embracing a Complexity of Human Emotions

The western and eastern civilizations differ in the perception of the concept of passion and emotions. In America and developed European countries people cultivate their wishes, desires and joys. Overconsumption leads to fake value of things and pleasures... Details

How Have Muslims Traditionally Understood the Ancient Remains of the Middle East?

The ancient times gave birth to one of the most powerful and mysterious civilizations that for centuries and millennia attracted people’s attention. When Europe and America was still witnessing the era of the Stone Age characterized by primitive hunters... Details

Public Security and Terrorism

Terrorism has been defined differently in various contexts but the bottom line is that it is often unnecessary violence against innocent civilians. When considering the factors that have led to the formation of about all the known terrorist groups... Details

Race and Class in America



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