From Antiquity to Middle Ages: The Interior Development History

Cultural, social, and political concepts of the medieval period were formed due to long and complicated process of transformation of ancient ideas. As a result, the worldview and the... Details

Using a Person’s Personal Pictures in the Media

Internet users in Abu Dhabi received warnings regarding the legislation against cybercrime adopted in 2012. According to the new regulations, the possession of another person’s... Details

Ordinary People in Extraordinary Time

The end of the Civil War in America symbolized a victory of freedom over the slavery. However, it was the beginning of a new era for the citizens of the country. Certainly, the Southern... Details

The Music ‘Taste’ of the Indian Raga

Just like languages or cuisine, music is country- and culture-specific. Hence, the tastes for music may differ in a way they differ for food, with the national food always being familiar... Details

Why don't People Talk About Their Dreams

The article was written by Dr. Shane McCorristine in September 2015. According to Shame McCorristine, sharing of dreams played a key role in the development of major literature... Details

Children of World War II

The Second World War was a devastating experience for everyone. The Allied Forces and Nazi Germany suffered irreparable losses, which caused an eternal shift in public consciousness. Millions of adults died as a result of military activities. Millions of others... Details


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