Feb 13, 2020

American Revolution

The American Revolution is not only the most seminal moment in the history of the modern America, but it is also a seminal moment in the history of the world... Details

Feb 13, 2020

Effective Technical Communication

Communication plays an imperative role in the successful implementation of projects. In this case, a project manager has the duty of... Details

Feb 13, 2020

Marxism and its Contribution in the Society

The concept of ‘the working of an economy’ is very much important and needs to be known and analyzed critically especially with... Details

Feb 14, 2020

Science and Technology

The disciplines of science and technology remain some of the most fundamental concepts in the past and present generation. In fact... Details

Apr 30, 2020

Democracy in Egypt

The article is concluded with the assumption regarding further floundering of democratic spirits in the Middle East areas owing to the lack of fundamental trust that the democratic... Details

Apr 30, 2020

Democracy in France

Currently, the question of democracy is the dilemma that touches many countries and nations, as every society has its vision and principles of democracy. France is a democratic... Details


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