Smuggling Weapons, Drugs & People across the International Border

Smuggling, as an illegal transportation and transition of goods, weapons and people across the international border is a... Details

Multicultural London

The contemporary London is truly considered to be the most multicultural city in the world. As a result of several huge... Details

The Rise of Vampires in Television and Cinema

Since the period of silent movies, vampires have always attracted attention of cinema and television. Mythical creatures... Details

Mobile Photo Studio Essay

Just imagine how wonderful it would be to have a mobile photo studio. How is this possible? With the help of a shipping container, it is possible le to have a mobile photo studio. The shipping containers provide a means of transport over water bodies such as the... Details

Social Cultural Issues in Early Childhood: A UAE Perspective

One of the most difficult tasks for parents is to make a choice between bringing up their children and living them under the care of a nanny. Particularly, most mothers are left with the dilemma over the total time they should spend with their children and the time... Details

Socratic Definitions

Socrates had his conceptions of adequate definition. In order to prove whether definitions met his conception or not, Socrates would ask a simple question of what is it, and would expect an answer. The questions asked by Socrates... Details


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