Apr 30, 2020

Kant on Morality

The world has animate and inanimate things. The distinction between the two, as many scholars suggest, is the ability to move and soul possession. Dead matter lacks a soul and lacks... Details

Apr 30, 2020

Mental Disorders

Mental disorders are a common and widespread problem across the world. Globally, the burden created by neuropsychiatric disorders is 13%. In fact, insufficient attention has been... Details

Jul 14, 2020


Anxiety disorders are much more complex than the feelings of worry or fear. In the majority of cases, fear manifests itself in the brain’s natural alarm reaction to a real threat or danger. As opposed to it, anxiety is an expression of an excessive and unreasonable response... Details

Jul 14, 2020

Emotional Intelligence 2.0

A book by the title “Emotional Intelligence 2.0” is written by Dr. Travis Bradberry and Dr. Jean Graves. The authors are well known for their contribution to the field of emotional intelligence, as they have written numerous books, including the prequel to the current book... Details

Jul 14, 2020

Feminism in the 21st Century

Feminist theory reached its highest point in the 1960s and early 1970s. Since the women's movement began to decline and activity has become quite fashionable, it is possible to discuss the emergence of post-feminism. Undoubtedly, feminism has caused... Details

Jul 14, 2020

History of Political Thought

The laws of coexistence and community organization are the vital questions posed by numerous philosophers, rulers, and ordinary people. In fact, the issue of political authority is one of the most contradicting items, causing vivid debates during all the history... Details


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