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Informative Genre Speech - Car Sales Speech

Informative Genre Outline

  • Introduction:

This essentially contains a definition of your title, identifies the audience, and gives a preview of the points to be subject matter components in a clear thesis statement for the informative topic.

  • Body:

This contains explanatory statements, which relate directly to your thesis statement. Ordinarily, it well organized into definitive parts that are connected using transition phrases. 

  • Conclusion:

This essentially sums up all the presented ideas the main body. Care should be taken to avoid repetition and no introduction of new ideas in this area.

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Car Sales Presentation

“Sales presentation is a major component of traded commonly associated with virtually all business and trading environments, for instance, houses, clothes, artifacts, and cars. In the recent past, the sales presentation sector has acquired an increasing popularity in the car sales sector.  Successful sales representatives are increasingly emanating from this sector almost on a daily basis. Car sales presentation is essentially the art of successfully conquering customer interest and attention of a particular car model, consequently resulting in the buying of the product in focus. Therefore, the art of proficient car sales presentation involves capturing the customer’s attention, and persisting on your idea of the model by projecting the main features and benefits of your model.

First, when you want to capture the attention of your customer ensure you are confident and in a jovial mood. Consider a scenario when a customer attempts approaching you when they are looking extremely serious. Naturally, your instincts will generate a suspicion element within yourself. Another element in capturing your potential customer’s attention involves personifying your character in order to enable your customer have confidence in you. For example, after closing your sales presentation one could act in a manner suggesting they are embarrassed in order for the customer to believe you are speaking from your heart (Pickens, 1989). Secondly, a professional car sales presentation personnel needs to persist upon hi concept of the model you are selling. You should always consider the fact that your prospective customer could as well be doing an alternative activity at the time you intrude his privacy. Therefore, it therefore makes little sense diverting from your presentation (Schiffman, 2007). To illustrate this I will perform a short presentation. I need one of you to come forward and pretend being the customer while I am the sales representative. “Hello Sir, I am Watkins, a sales representative from General Motors…oh, this is good office you have here. Where did you get the furniture from?” The potential customer answers something like, “Well, I bought it.” You notice the manner in which the customer already loses interest in the whole concept. Moreover, customers prefer a presentation that majors on the benefits relating it to the dollars he or she hopes to save (Craine, 2010). 

Finally, we all desire to be good sales representatives in the near future. Many of the current practicing sales representatives have hugely neglected these critical points leading to a massive failure in meeting their career objectives. Furthermore, they could easily lead to poor company performance in terms of poor company sales. Thank you for your audience.”


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