May 31, 2018 in Politics

The Role of Media

It is important to stay informed in the modern world

To keep up with political news, one should watch the news, read magazines, and check Internet sites. For me, the best way to get news is watching TV and reading newspapers. I prefer political newspapers and TV shows. Of course, they are biased to some extent. It is crucial to get news through politically biased mass media in order to become more informed about political situation in the country. 

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However, there are certain negative features of mass media

The most important disadvantage of media is the fact that the controversial and wrong situations are the most discussed. Children and adolescents are vulnerable to such influence. Sometimes, even positive messages can be misinterpreted. Moreover, media can generate negative feeling among the audience. It is also responsible for unhealthy lifestyle due to the advertisement of harmful eating habits. Physical and psychological condition can be affected by media too. It causes media addiction, leads to self-hatred (especially among women), eye disease, etc. Despite negative influence of media (damaging reputation, decreasing work productivity, distorting information and affecting physical and mental health of an individual), there are a number of advantages of mass media in the modern life: bringing people together and providing the information that allows developing social processes, business, arts, and sciences. It is difficult to underestimate the role of media in the technology era: it is impossible to imagine any sphere of human’s existence without any information relations.

In the information society, the political role of the media is constantly increasing

Through the media, the government is implementing a number of problems that are associated with the process of assimilation of political norms and values. They include the improvement of communications and the establishment of an information exchange with the press for political awareness. The media is an important tool for implementing political process. Media seriously affects the process of formation of political preferences playing the role of coordinator and organizer of the flow of information. Information policy of the government is implemented through the media. The media is a natural partner of the authorities in particular ways. It is an indispensable supplier of important information, the mechanism of selection of facts, factory of preparation and reduction of updated information, and a tool of political technologies. Preventive journalism draws attention to the problems that deserve serious consideration and intervention of the authorities. The media is a platform for the discussion of decisions and actions of the government. Media contributes to the interaction of business and government. It acts as a coordinator in a difficult situation, creating conditions in which government and business come to a compromised solution. Thus, the media takes an active part in political decisions, has an impact on the political agenda, acts as a political mediator and transmitter of political messages, and initiates the data messages. 



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