Immigration Reform

Abstract This research tackles the problem of the perspective effectiveness of President Obama’s immigration refor... Details

Counterinsurgency and the Human Terrain in Afghanistan

Abstract This paper explores the issue of counterinsurgency and the Human Terrain in Afghanistan during a significant co... Details

Confederation and Constitution

The United States of America has a glorious and tragic history. Seeking for independence by trial and error, Americans h... Details

The Role of Media


Should Canada Abolish the Senate? Why or Why not?

The frustration of the public with the Senate has reached new levels. Corruption and cover-up claims have kindled a healthy debate regarding the function of the Senate in the government institutions of Canada. The concerns of the public are real... Details

The Concept of Free Will and Determinism

Free will is an important element in the day-to-day lives of human beings. This concept states that persons have the capability to formulate their second order desires and second order volitions, which are key in differentiating them from other types of species... Details


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