Apr 30, 2020

Socio-Economic Factors and Crime Rates in the USA

The terms ‘crime’ and ‘economic crisis’ have turned to be common in the media, day-to-day language and in diplomatic and academic discourse. There could be some particular... Details

Oct 20, 2020

Child Policies in China and Singapore

Different countries of the world have different patterns of development, which are the cause of the principles of share of political power, economic growth, domestic and international policies and other. As a result of global political, economic and military interaction, the ways of development of various countries may change... Details

Feb 5, 2021

Russian Intervention in Ukraine in the Context of Globalization

It would be wise to start by explaining the causes of the ongoing Ukrainian crisis. Thus, over the last decade, the Ukrainian populace has been divided into pro-European and pro-Russian camps. Details

Feb 5, 2021

Political Parties

Without doubts, political parties play an important role in the preservation of the democracy. Although, the first political parties appeared centuries ago, their significance remains quite high, even nowadays. At the same time, there is no unique opinion about their nature and functions. Details

Feb 5, 2021

Compulsory Voting

In practice, it is assumed that democracies have ways of ensuring that public policy always reflects the popular will. The incorporation of the demands of the people is done through a number of approaches although the most inclusive one is through voting. Details


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