Nov 6, 2017 in Review

Garbage of Eden

In the article “Garbage of Eden”, the author Eric Bland explains that Singapore island is a successful case of trash disposal coupled with environment conservation. Singapore government pays a lot of attention to the landfill project whose location is 20 minutes drive away from the mainland. The island has successfully maintained an ecosystem that has attracted both plants and animals. The landfill projects in Singapore illustrate a superb way of dealing with litter disposal while caring for the environment.

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The government of Singapore acknowledges the problem it faces due to the shortage of land in the mainland for use in trash disposal at a backdrop of increasing garbage as the population increases. The government has been innovative and as the writer notes the project has exceeded expectations by perfectly meeting the needs of the city without tampering with the ecosystem. The recycling of certain waste such as plastics and bottles is essential to reduce the amount of waste. These bottles and plastics find positive use in the industries through recycling.

The project coordinator talks about waste disposal as a matter of life and death. This is because as long as human beings are living, they will always produce waste. These wastes have to be properly disposed to minimize their effects on the environment. The method of disposal they selected ensured that they created a phenomenon that everybody admires due to the way it appears clean and free of garbage. It is obvious that even other countries at some point will find themselves at Singapore’s position when they will no longer have available land for waste disposal. The country is setting pace in waste disposal use by other countries once they find themselves in her position.

The article demonstrates human beings’ innovative nature and its use in dealing with problems arising from population growth without affecting the environment. It is amazing how litter changes to a tourist attraction without affecting the ecosystem.


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