Oct 22, 2020 in Research

Social Media Ruins Teenagers' Life

Social media is changing the adult’s relationship with their family, destruction of the young people lives, their personality, and adversely affecting their health.

Social media ruins the relationship between the audits and the young people with the family. In most occasions, the young children are always on social media and thus, the personal touch and interactions with their parents are broken. It is important for the parents to come up with solutions in limiting their children’s usage of social media to improve their personal relationships with the children.

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Most importantly, the children do not care about their family when it is important for the children to be by their family’s side. In a persona life, nothing is which is important in life than being with your family. Today, the children do not realize the need and importance of being by their family’s side. By the family side, the children will be able to be taught their cultural and societal values, which are critical in their life. It is necessary for the children to avoid too much usage of the social media and try to be with their family.

The young people usually end learning immoral actions and behaviors, which are not acceptable in their family life. The increased reliance on the social media among the children deteriorates their minds and perception about life. For example, the young people might develop an attitude against hard work and commitment to perform well in the society. In overcoming the young children’s immoral actions, it is critical to limit and educate them on the benefit of social media while noting the adverse effects of social media.

Social media also gives the young adults a false sense of relationship and connections within the society. Most of the young adults think that communication over the social media such as through Facebook and Twitter is an equivalent of connecting with the other persons. However, it is not equivalent and can never match the actual interaction with the persons with face-to-face communications. It is appropriate for the individuals to try to use the traditional way of communication such as visiting persons to their homes and speaking face to face. Additionally, the young adults are also exposed to cyberbullying due to the anonymity, which people enjoys with social media. The popular ways of cyberbullying include the issuance of threats, embarrassments, and repeated harassing of other persons within the social media. Online bullying usually threatens the young children, which reduces tier self-confidence and esteem. It is appropriate to limit the nature of the social media usage to avoid cyber bullying.

Social media has a significant impact on the young adult’s health, which affects their health. Firstly, when a young person integrates into iPad, phones and laptops, his body is affected significantly. For example, young adults might not have adequate sleep due to the increased usage of mobile phones. The integration of the young people into the phones, which would lead to stiff neck and back pains following their stature required while using the mobile devices for a long time. Thus, it is appropriate for the young children to control their usage of the mobile phones as well as check their backs to avoid increased pains.

It is also clear that some of the mobile phones release radiation which is detrimental and adverse to the brain of the children. The young adults are usually exposed to increased risks of brain defects due to the mobile phone radiation. It is necessary to ensure that the mobile phones are usually selectively to limit the occurrence of adverse health conditions and status to the young children. Social media also influences the mental health of the teenagers. Since, the teens usually occupy themselves with things, which do not grow their lives. For example, the teens are unable to read and focus on their learning in class. It is not easy to find teenagers in the social discussing education of course work. Therefore, social media becomes detrimental to their mental health, as they cannot be imaginative and creative.

However, some people suggest that social media have positive impacts on the lives of the young children. Social media has been able to improve the communication and to learn among them through making it faster, better and improving the overall quality of communication through social media. For example, a group of young people can decide to form a WhatsApp group, which will make it easy to communicate as a group. Based on Scheff, it is critical for most young children to be in social media as it helps in driving news and information easy to a large number of people. Through social media, young adults can also be able to learn new useful activities and programs. Today, most education programs and organizations use social media to drive their idealistic initiatives and programs, which help in informing and educating the young people within the society. It is imperative that most of the young people be in social media, as it will give them new ideas and skills to drive their lives.

Some people also argues that social media offers the young kids with remarkable opportunities and programs to become more literate and creative. Social media networking sites usually consist of increased ideas and programs, which are useful to people of all ages and backgrounds. Young kids can learn about new designs such as artworks, mobile applications and architectural designs, which could influence their creativity and future ability to innovate new programs. Most the parents give their children the opportunity to use social media and thus making them literate and creative. It is clear that children who lack access to social media are less creative and literate due to their limitations to ideas and new initiatives.

In addition, some experts such as designers and artists usually believe that social media is a great source of information and ideas. The artists and designers can learn the posts of the different people, which give them an idea of their perception and attitude towards life. It gives the experts the opportunity to expand their creative programs and ideas to support the creation of creative designs and fashion networks. Social media is not all bad it gives people a sense of realization and progress in their careers.

Young people can also obtain news and invitations to the various programs through the social media. Social media makes it easy to pass information as well as an invite to educational programs and activities. The young children will be able to receive invitations to the various reliable information and programs. For example, the camping sites and educational programs would make it easy to invite the young people to the programs. It is clear to understand and analyze the nature of the educational programs to support the social networking sites and programs. Ellen explains that “90 percent of teenagers say they’ve created an online profile for at least one social networking site.” According to Elmansy, it is clear that “In the old days, we used to search in a huge library of books to learn about specific design style. Joining a Facebook page or a Pinterest board lets one preview hundreds and even thousands of ideas and styles in less time and effort.” In summary, it is clear that even though social media has various adverse impacts on the lives of the teenagers, it has various advantages such as making the children more literate and creative.


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