Apr 7, 2019 in Politics

Immigration and National Front Party


In the first round of local elections in France, the candidates from far-right party National Front are leading in 6 of 13 regions. The National Front and Republicans that are headed by the former French President Nicolas Sarkozy are ahead of the candidate of the ruling Socialist Party. The rating of the National Front has risen sharply after the terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13. It is known that its leader Le Pen stands for reduction of the flow of migrants as well as for putting them under tight control. Therefore, the rise of the French extreme right National Front Party can be explained by its attitude to immigration, which has reached an unprecedented level and possesses danger to the French society.

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National Front in France

In the 20th century, with the deepening economic crisis and worsening social contradictions in France, the activity of far-right organizations increased. There was a fascist putsch that failed thanks to solidarity of the democratic forces of the country to organize mass anti-fascist speech. Using the situation, the government of right forces issued a series of emergency decrees that infringe democratic freedoms. Strengthening of reactionary tendencies in the political life of the country has led to the unification of anti-fascist forces, which received the name of the National Front. Williams states that frustrations of the working class became the target for the National Front. The party implemented a number of reforms: increased workers' wages, introduced a 40-hour working week, a reform of the Bank of France, lifted emergency decrees and partially nationalized the military industry. Undertaken measures that were aimed at state regulation of the economy and broad democratic reforms in France have created a special radical-democratic model of government regulation. The government's actions have caused a great enthusiasm of the people since they have led to the real improvement of the conditions of workers.

Marine Le Pen, the head of the party, plays a crucial role in its development. She possesses traits similar to her father’s ones. She is “savvy politician with political acumen”. Marine Le Pen advocates tougher immigration laws, arguing that France should not turn into a Caliphate, compliance with the law on the separation of church and state and a ban on building mosques at state expense. Unlike the current leaders of Europe and America, Marine Le Pen takes consistently friendly attitude toward Russia.

Immigration and Terrorism Issue

Recently, the French government tries to resolve conflicts arising between ethnic French and immigrants from Arab countries. Thus, the news from Paris is increasingly recalling reports from the scene of hostilities. The situation that has developed today in France causes concern among ethnical French and tourists from European countries. Having once taken responsibility for the disadvantaged Arabs and provided them with all facilities for comfortable stay in Europe, France has become a hostage of illegitimacy, a large part of population of which has views, customs and everyday behavior alien to the country. This leads to the rise of terrorist attacks.

Terrorism is a global problem of modern times. The main purpose of a terrorist consists in intimidation, creating an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty. Terrorist attacks bring massive loss of life, have a strong psychological pressure on a large number of people and involve destruction of material and spiritual values that cannot be restored. Over the past few years, the problem of terrorism has acquired a global dimension and tends to grow sustainably.

In the evening of November 13 in Paris, there was a series of terrorist attacks. Terrorists opened fire at a restaurant. Explosions were heard in the vicinity of the stadium ‘Stade de France’, where a friendly game of football teams of France and Germany was taking place. This match was attended by the French President Francois Hollande. In addition, at a rock concert at the theater Bataklan, unknown people took hostages.

Terrorist attacks in Paris are connected with uncontrolled migration from the Middle East. The attacks are preceded by particular preparation. One of the objectives of the waves of migration from the Middle East was the delivery of terrorists and their associates in Europe. This could be done as a built-in operation in the general waves of refugees’ movement from the conflict zone. Paris was chosen as a target by terrorists, as a definite center and a particular symbol.

During migration, political forces untied a hot spot on ethnic, territorial or political motives. Along with the flow of refugees, the number of immigrants who are not seeking asylum but are sent for further underground work increases. Organized in the host country, the latter can lead a proper political work, organizing their networks and making high-profile terrorist acts, which are used for political purposes. If the state is weak (liberal, corrupt, and so on), migrants could constitute its significant part and become well-organized. It is possible to play a rebel terrorist card in the host country and even try to seize power, relying on terror and support of diasporas. The subject of uncontrolled migration is a new kind of supportive environment for terrorism. The government and public bodies that do not control the migration process run the risk of losing power. Therefore, terrorism and uncontrolled migration are interdependent phenomena. The consumer society is quite vulnerable to terrorist threats. Thus, many French citizens have questioned the ability of the country that is mired in economic and social problems to cope with another powerful wave of migration.

Rise of National Front Party Due to Its Response to Immigration and Terrorism

In response to these events, the head of the National Front Marine Le Pen has issued a demand for immediate closure of the French border for migrants and restriction of their movement within the country. The leader of the far-right party considers the measures that were proposed by the Prime Minister Manuel Waltz inadequate to strengthen the fight against terrorism. The presented plan involves allocation of additional money for the fight against terrorism in the next 3 years. It is aimed at the creation of new jobs to fight terrorism. Waltz also stated the need to monitor nearly three thousand radical Islamists in the country. Nevertheless, the representatives of the National Front argued that the plan proposed nothing useful for fighting a breeding ground for fundamentalism and simplifying its distribution. It did not fix borders within the Schengen area, thus giving way to mass immigration and pandering sponsors of the Islamists. The announced measures are much lower than the real needs of public safety.

As a precaution for the growth of terrorism, the National Front Party calls to stop immigration to France and the spread of migrants in the French communes, towns and villages. The party recalls that one of the suicide bombers arrived in France via Greece, which is a usual route of illegal migrants, who swept the country this year. Certainly, political asylum, assistance and maximum support to those who are forced to flee their country are fully consistent with the principles of the French policies. However, it is important in this case to ensure that these people are real political refugees. Today, when the level of terrorist threat from the Islamists in Europe is greater than ever, it is important to know who the refugees are. The idea of Schengen was originally aimed to ensure freedom of movement within the Union and an adequate level of control and security at its borders. There is a danger that the current situation, when tens of thousands of people break through the border freely, provokes a spontaneous, completely uncontrolled influx of people, which the state will be unable to cope with. The National Front calls for restriction of immigration, expelling foreign radicals, depriving jihadists with two citizenships as well as imposing the most severe sentences for the cases of terrorism. Thus, the fame of Le Pen began to grow as the main problem in France, which is obsolescent economy and Muslim population, began to deteriorate and seemed to go out of control of the ruling political class.

The response of French government to the crisis explains the rise of the National Front. Thus, Chassany states that the crisis of migration has provided the party with an opportunity to distract attention from the enmity between Jean-Marie Le Pen and Ms Le Pen. In recent months, the founder of the National Front has been fighting against the decision of the party about his exclusion.


The National Front is a French party that advocates conservative values, limitation of migration and anti-European integration. During the last elections to the European Parliament, it experienced a growth of votes. Marine Le Pen clearly dominates in the campaign in the regional elections in France. Today, she is one of the most interesting political figures not only in France but in the word. The party receives unprecedented support among French population. The rise of the party can be explained by uncontrolled migration and terrorist attacks in Paris. The recent events caused a great anxiety in the state. As the National Party’s leaders support a ban on migration and sending out migrants with two passports, French citizens began to support the party, believing that its reforms can protect them from the dangers of terrorism.


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