Nov 6, 2017 in Nursing

Nurses as Holistic Models

The nursing profession is viewed as a noble one, which should model the society in a number of aspects. The public consider nurses as perfect people, who are not prone to human problems that plague the American population. Such a belief has placed unnecessary pressure on nurses as they try to be perfect. It is impossible to achieve that since they are humans.

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Nurses are human beings. They are influenced by the lifestyle of their society to a great extent. It is hardly rational to expect that a nurse, who lives in the United States, would differ from other people in the society. Such an expectation is synonymous with forcing these people to live an impossible life. People in America suffer from weight problems due to their lifestyle. Nurses face this problem too because of their job, which force them sometimes to eat junk food. Their children are also in the same situation because their parents are busy at work. That is why they sometimes have to eat unhealthy foods, which contribute to weight gain.

Burnout occurs when one has overworked for a long period of time. Heavy nursing workload causes burnout because nurses are ever busy. They mostly overwork due to emergency cases and a high number of patients in hospitals who need intensive care nursing during the entire stay in hospital. Americans should therefore not expect nurses to lead different lives because they are prone to burnout and fatigue like everyone else (Bryan, 2003). Sometimes it is evident when nurses succumb to depression and to other mental problem, commonly caused by overworking under stressing conditions.

Nurses are average people, susceptible to problems that every other American faces (Wohlford, 2004). They should not be supposed to be different because, after all, they are human beings and do not possess any supernatural abilities.


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