Nov 6, 2017 in Nursing

Biblical Teachings on Nursing

Sick people have been in existence since time immemorial. The prophets and the ministry of Jesus faced the problem of dealing with the sick who sought their assistance. This has all over the ages been seen in the messages of hope that God sent to the people of Israel through his prophets. Jesus healed many of them and this made him very popular amongst those suffering from different ailments and those whose family members were sick. He knew one of the ways he could capture the attention of the people was through dealing with the problems that made their lives unbearable.

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The biblical teachings contain messages of hope and restoration for those suffering from different problems. This is evident from the old testament through out to the New Testament. Jesus Christ in his teachings talks about people visiting the sick and offering them prayers and any other assistance that may be possible at that time. He in one-instance talks about the way people will be surprised during the judgment day when he tells them he was sick and they never visited him in hospital. The bible emphasizes on caring for the sick and restoring their hope through messages of encouragement and prayers. The sick should be visited and comforted and any other assistance that may make their situation better offered.

The bible views people living and working together as one family. This implies that people belonging to one family should all have responsibilities which they undertake with love and deliver the best possible. Different people have different responsibilities in the hospital. All these people are given these responsibilities to ensure that the patient gets the best medical care and services that the hospital can offer. The bible teaches about providing services with love and compassion. The services we offer should be to these people as if we are serving God(Publishers Weekly, 2005). This is the way those in the hospital should undertake their different roles. The hospital cannot be effective in disposition of its responsibilities if some of the people in the setting are ineffective in their work.


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