The Importance of Policy Making

Policy-making has been the object of great concerns expressed by many politicians and scientists. The key problem is the... Details

CRS and Sustainability

Introduction Corporate social responsibility (CSR) seeks to ensure that the company maintains its responsibility on its... Details

Application of Construction Partnering in Hong Kong

Construction in Hong Kong is very competitive as companies in Hong Kong have earned themselves a good name in building h... Details

Leadership Philosophy

Leadership is one of the fundamental qualities required within society. Since ancient times, groups of ... Details

Managing Performance And Reward

Performance and reward management system is system geared towards promoting efficiency and improved individual output. It involves the ... Details

Social Work in the Department of Corrections

Social workers undertake many responsibilities that ought to ultimately serve the interests of their clients. They thus try and abide to their code of ethics. Ethical dilemmas articulate the social workers’ environment as well as their practices in their daily endeavors. There are so many things... Details


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