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In his opening address after the commencement of the Patient protection and Affordable Care Act, President Obama reiterated that health care remains an assailable right to all and not a privilege (McKenzie 67).  The president noted that health education initiatives should be rolled throughout the country to ensure that healthcare provision remains a noble profession. Ordinarily, health care can be termed as education where individuals are taught on how to promote, gain as well as maintain their own emotional, social, mental, spiritual, intellectual, and environmental health. According to World Health Organization (WHO), health education is defined as  the process of improving health education by teaching and imparting skills to individuals and community (Donatelle 87).

Health education has instilled in me positive attitudes, as well as the need for creating health consciousness so as to ensure optimal health is achieved. Health education has taught me how to minimize indulgence in risky behaviours such as cigarette smoking and alcohol abuse. Additionally, it has imparted in me the importance of healthy eating habits. Of importance is taking a balanced diet so as to minimize the chances of contacting lifestyle diseases such as obesity and cancer. With this knowledge on health I have been able to make healthy choices on a daily basis as well as share this knowledge with my family and friends.

Health education not only impart on achievement of optimal health, but also plays a large part in gaining knowledge of other subjects. For instance, I attended a seminar on healthy eating where the professor laid emphasis on healthy living. Taking a balanced diet, exercises and taking lots of water goes a long way in promoting a healthy living standard. These three components of a healthy living as I came to learn helps in bringing cohesion to our mind, body, and soul. Additionally, this is evident in brain functionality where one is able to pay attention as well as have a peace of mind. Health education, thus improves the general learning of other subjects. WHO alludes to this observation, noting that children who undergoes a health education have been found to perform well in other disciplines. As such, these learners perform better on tests, are consistent in attending classes, and also have a high concentration level. 

Health education also lays emphasis on professionalism and ethics. As a future paramedic, health education comes in handy in preparing myself in this occupation. I have come to learn of the strict code of ethics which paramedics are supposed to uphold. Of great importance is the “duty of reasonable care and responsibility to protect the public.” This code of conduct is laid down in the preamble of professional code of conduct. The Hippocratic Oath is categorical about how a health professional should behave with emphasis on the duty of care and due diligence while handling all patients. Equally, the “responsibility to the profession”  clause demands upholding high standards of professional integrity. For example, where one is faced with an ethical dilemma, it is stipulated that one should act in such a way manner that a level headed professional would have acted. HIPAA laws also bide the health professionals with respect to privacy. The exemption to this law is in the cases of child or spousal abuse. I have also learnt the stipulation of the International Code of Ethics for Occupational Health where the employees have a mandate of upholding integrity with fellow colleagues in the workplace. Additionally, health education should not be confused for the medical profession. As such, health educators are not bound to a specific group of clients as it normally happens with nurses. The health educators therefore only provide information in the form of civic education. 

The main reason for enrolling as a paramedic comes from my desire to pursue a career in healthcare promotion and education. While all along I had wanted to pursue a career as a paramedic, a current event triggered this need even more. Back home, in 2008 together with a friend, we were involved in a grisly accident. What was appalling is the low response from the members of the public. It was evident that this country suffers from disaster unpreparedness and this opened my mind in bridging this gap and creating a solution. WHO records also indicate that my country has few paramedics as compared to the population. Furthermore, the fact that I also came close to loosing my friend gave me the motivation to become a paramedic. A burning desire to help in cases of emergences was therefore developed which, according to my friend became the career turning point. As a paramedic, I could therefore offer the much needed medical aid during emergencies through mitigating health risks on the way to a medical facility. 

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Similarly, my family background has been a motivating factor in my pursuit of this career. Being elderly and sickly, my wish is to help my parents retain optimal health. This is a problem affecting the wider American society. According to McKenzie et al (65), and Donatelle (45), the United States has woken up to the reality of the increased aging demographic  where an estimated 12.8% of the population is 65 years and above as noted in the 2009 census demographics with an approximate of 16,901,232 males and 22,571,696 females. McKenzie further notes that with the number of the elderly expected to rise to 15.5% in 2014, the need to commence social and health care programs in complementing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act cannot be ignored (67). The elderly are more susceptible to chronic diseases such as heart attacks, arthritis, and diabetes. Additionally, the elderly are prone to injuries that may arise from events such as falls. Therefore, the best possible mechanism in dealing with these cases is the commencement of of a community based social and health care systems that will offer the caregivers with the skills and education on caring for the old. These programs lay emphasis on evidence based self management systems which foresee the implementation and management of classes for the community participation.  

Dear Sir/ Abdullah Alotaibi

In reference to your advertisement for a paramedic as posted in the Ryiadh news on 6th December 2013, I hereby submit my application to the Red Crescent Authority  in Saudi Arabia as part of my career progression.  As indicated above, I am a Saudi Arabian national and currently undertaking a paramedic course at the University of Utah. I am 26 years of age with a loving, caring and a compassionate demeanor. My ardour in caring for the elderly is one of the reasons an seeking for this position. Additionally, having worked closely with my elderly parents back at home, inspires me even more to replicate this to my home country.

I am well acquitted with the required computer training skills, having attained a diploma in Computer Science at the Riyadh College of Technology. I also possess prior working experience with  the Saudi Crescent authority where I worked as a dispatcher for a period of 6 months. My duties in this position included answering calls and gathering the required information for dispatching ambulances and paramedics to the required destinations. Part of my academic qualifications include Advance-Emergency Medical Technician License (A-EMT) and Emergency Medical Technician License (B-EMT). Given this position I plan to execute my duties skillfully in empowering the community through attending to emergency situations. I will therefore honor my duties as a paramedic with confidence and maintain the standards set out by your institution. 

Yours faithfully,

Nawaf Alotaibi.   

Personal Health Philosophy

My health philosophy entails maintaining the high standards of professional integrity, due diligence and duty of care while handling patients as well as colleagues in a manner similar to that which can be undertaken by a level headed person. My philosophy also includes respect for the privacy of all my clients. I also believe that all health care practitioners are mandated by law to observe the privacy of the clients and as such all information shared in the course of profession discharge of duties will be protected. According to the Pennsylvania Act 148, the health practitioners have a mandate of non-disclosure of medical information of the clients more so information relating to Voluntary HIV testing. This act, however, offers an exemption to circumstances under which such disclosure would be reasonable. Leonard Fleck expounds on this act, noting that the exemption to non disclosure may be applicable in some extenuating cases that may require a covered entity or health practitioner to disclose a patient’s health status.  As such, the mitigating circumstances include a written document by a patient authorizing disclosure and/or in such situations where there is reasonable cause to believe that disclosing such information would be in the patient’s best interests for example preventing a recurrence of a spousal or child abuse. 

Of importance however is that, even with a written authorization or reasonable disclosure of health information is limited. The federal authority does not take the exclusive duty of caring for the elderly in the society, but rather this is a collective responsibility with the community in ensuring that the elderly are helped to acquire and maintain an optimum health. Equally, community based social and health care programs should assist the informal health care providers in offering services to the elderly. Just like Freud and Erickson put it, old age is one of the most sensitive phases of the human developmental psychology. As individuals approach late adulthood, they become weaker, fragile as well as senile. They are therefore not able to take care of themselves and thus become more dependent of their family members, larger community as well as well wishers. This therefore pinpoints the need for collaborative action between the community and the government.  With this in mind, I therefore make it my personal philosophy to make sure that the elderly are well taken care of.

Mission Statement

As a health care practitioner, my mission is to execute health consciousness in the society through imparting positive attitudes that will promote optimal health. My main goal is to facilitate physical health, mental health, emotional health, psychological health as well as environmental health. 

The elderly in the American population are more susceptible to chronic illnesses. This has led to widespread calls for community based healthcare programs that will ensure this group maintains a healthy and safe living. In my capacity as a health practitioner, I plan to work with the National Council on Aging, willing organizations, and Health and Human Services Agencies to loby for collaborative programs that will ensure attainment of healthy living standards in the society. The underlying principle is to ensure that the elderly familiarise themselves and adopt healthy behaviours. Focus will also be put into ensuring that evidence based management systems are utilized through the implementation and administration of self-management classes with ease among the members of the society. This is attainable through the local settings such as senior centers as well as area agencies on aging. In doing so, the community based programs will therefore enable the participants to get acquainted with the existing self health care management systems while providing an opportunity for interaction and intergration. 


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