Jul 15, 2020 in Economics

The Chinese Economy is Still Full of Power

This paper presents an accurate analysis of the material devoted to the economic realm. The outlined article “The Chinese Economy is Still Full of Power” was appeared on February 27th, 2016. It emerged in the context of such reputable source as the Telegraph. The following particularity deals with the fact that the author of this document is Liu Xiaoming, a Chinese ambassador to the UK who succeeded in outlining the recent modifications in China’s economic growth. During the working on the presented issue, much attention was paid to the hidden reasons of such a tremendous industrial development of the country. The politician claims that this advancement became a result of long-lasting governmental strategies, well-developed reforms, and cumulative efforts of the Chinese community. As this document applies a scientific approach to the conducted research, the received data serves as a powerful instrumental tool in the aspect of the further examination.

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Specifically, this text portrays a critical vision of the vital problem that is apparent on the interstate level. It covers the essential matters of economic principles and regulations in the Chinese society and provides a controversial image of the governmental policy in this sphere. The author underlines the general origins of the enormous economic success of his country, taking into consideration the heritage of the previous technical progress and reasonable official campaigns. In other words, the audience of this document has a perfect chance to broaden the knowledge of the Chinese model of economy, its major peculiarities and principles, widespread a deep understanding of the social process that takes place nowadays, and comprehend the received data concerning the international position about the sustainable development of Beijing. Indeed, the document relates to the major spheres of world politics, geopolitics, and economic cooperation. It shows the internal relations between the leading countries and depicts the current state of things that dominates in the world. As the author aims to manifest such interdependence of the societal occurrences, the article may serve as a valuable source of information dedicated to the specific realm.

As it was mentioned earlier, the paper encompasses the distinctive characteristics from the different disciplines that augment the general awareness of this issue. Indeed, the presented material increases the necessity of the further discussion. In the contemporary discourse, many experts still argue whether China has entered the era of prosperity or the remarkable statistics of GDP is just a temporal result of the recent reforms. As the actual discourse still continues, the writer pays special attention to the governmental programs of the Chinese community. Such manner causes the favorable opportunities for the detailed analysis and augments the potential chances for conducting the precise investigation.

Conventionally, as a global player, the external influence of China cannot be underestimated. The article states that the country is to specialize on the following five key elements such as “addressing excess capacity, downsizing property inventories, expanding effective supply, helping enterprises reduce cost and guarding against financial risks” (par. 4). These economic terms appear to form a solid basis for the nearest examination. Despite the fact that this paper is devoted to the common audience, the author uses the specific lexicology apparatus that changes the whole sounding of the outlined document. He analyzes the preliminary prerequisites for the Chinese economic development and envisages its vital principles from the different positions. All in all, this aspect is worth taking into consideration.

The next particularity of this document reveals in the context of the valuable material that the writer provides. Without a doubt, the summarized findings are to underline as they improve the common understanding of the scientific principles related to the category of economic conceptions. By the way, the founder of such creation states that “China’s solid material foundation, abundant human resources and vast market potential will continue to provide a sound basis and condition for sustained economic growth”. This argument defeats all of the controversial ideas that the skeptics may provide instead. For instance, the majority of the specialists argue whether China’s active involvement in global economic governance will have a positive effect. Some of them are still afraid of appearing the greatest economic collapse if the Chinese system manifests the weaknesses, and its strategy does not work. To relieve from the established prejudices and stereotypes, a reader may get acquainted with the presented information and treat the proposed conceptions accurately. Such manner will assist in understanding the roots of the current situation and promoting some alterations in the approach to this problem. As a result, the significance of the author’s thesis cannot be minimized.

Moreover, the strength of this text appears to arise in the sphere of the solid arguments that the founder provides. For instance, the statement about the future perspectives of the Chinese economy requires a detailed evaluation. “Today, reform and innovation remain the source of confidence and strength for China”. This quote serves as an apparent example of the strongest position that Liu Xiaoming depicts in his article. As a result, such model of writing offers the outstanding vision of the actual inquiry and describes the prominent conceptions in a comprehensive manner.

By the way, the proposed material matches my personal expectations perfectly. According to own experience, I have been searching for the article that assures a controversial vision of the contemporary economic problem and covers the leading notions in the sphere of business management. The text based on the specific analysis meets the basic requirements and develops the needed understanding of the problem. In other words, this source has enriched the knowledge concerning the world economy and operational management. Applying to the inherited writing skills, I consider that my personal experience will be enough to conduct the similar article devoted to the economic issue. However, the measures for an ideal do not exist. That is why my education still needs the further improving. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that under the authority of a true expert, I will succeed in creating the document related to the particular discipline. 

To conclude, it is essential to highlight that the analysis of the presented article embodies the favorable opportunities for the further research. This material will help to discover the internal conceptions related to the economic sphere and promote my personal understanding of the existing principles. More to all, it increases the level of general awareness and forms a solid basis for the development of critical skills. As my personal judgment focuses on the utility of this document, the importance of the underlined terms is worth emphasizing.


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