The Economics of Speculative Property Development

Question A. Formally a police hostel – the old building that has stood empty for over eleven years – has bee... Details

Country Risk

China China is ranked amongst the top countries which attract the most foreign direct investments in the world each year... Details

United Arab Emirates and Chinese Economies

Introduction United Arab Emirates and China are two the most developing countries in the world that provide perfect cond... Details

Earthquake Budget Essay

An earthquake is a natural catastrophe that is inevitable. The occurrence of earthquakes leads to adverse impacts, especially when there is non-preparedness to handle a disaster. Earthquakes result in negative effects such as loss of lives, injuries, and destruction of property. However... Details

Inflation Targeting Essay

Inflation targeting is a monetary procedure in which the centralized depository approximates and makes open a probable, otherwise known as “target", inflation rate and then try to maneuver authentic inflation in the direction of the goal through the usage of interest rate alteration... Details

Paying for Welfare Essay

Political ideology is a set of ideas that forms one's goals or expectations. It is a vision usually composed of some philosophical aspects and a set of ideas created by the higher members of the society meant to control the whole society. The definition was put forth by Karl Marx. An ideology... Details


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