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Skil Corporation

The current paper will present a marketing plan for Skil Corporation, which is known to be a major player on power tools industry map. Due to the fact that the company faces serious problems and requires changes, a marketing plan can enhance the overall position and bring positive results, if properly implemented. 

Executive Summary

This marketing plan for Skil Corporation has been formed having an objective of assisting the Skil Corporation to broaden its market section, elevate the level of gross revenue and efficiency. Skil Corporation is considered to be one of the major actors in the industry of power tools. The company was bought by Emerson Electric Company in 1979. That is the company, which looks forward to expanding the market section of Skil Corporation. The latest tendency towards the growth of do-it-on-your-own (client) tools stands for a brilliant possibility for Skil Corporation utilization. This tendency can help to raise the company’s market sector, in the case when the company has a broad product line and range, which can encounter the requirements of the particular target market. The defined market necessities incorporate fabricate caliber, endurance, implementation, clients’ attendance and value. All of the above-mentioned indicators should be the major concentration of Skil Corporation. In fact, Skil Corporation will dispose itself as a value centre and an innovator, which will be obtained by utilizing the emulative border of Skil Corporation. For example, the corporation vapors by possessing a number of industry innovations to its reputation, including the first battery drill, the first clients electrical hedge hammer, and the first portative electric sew. The value strategic plan will be grounded on emulative valuation, which alludes that the value pattern will be comparatively lower than the competitors’ pricing.

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Company Description

Skil Corporation was founded in 1924 in Chicago and was mostly incorporated in the manufacturing of the circular saw, a tool, which had been the first contrivance of the corporation, despite the fact that it broadened its commodity range in order to incorporate other power tools and appliances. After its start, Skil Corporation has evolved in order to appear as one of the most potent and acknowledged line in the power tools sphere. The propelling strength behind the welfare and prosperity of Skil Corporation stands the power of creativity and innovation, which has performed a substantial function in assisting Skil Corporation to broaden the product range to at least 100 implements, which are all grounded on clients’ holding and extensive investigation. Skil Corporation is noted for the contrivance of innovative outgrowth including the anticipatory battery drill, the first clients’ electric hedge hammer, and the first portative saw.

In 1946, the company broadened into the Canadian emporium after which it contrived the roto hammer. Skil Corporation started the manufacturing of inferior-priced implements for clients, which was followed by a broadening to Europe and Australia in 1960. Afterwards, Skil augmented its commerce actions and activity to Latin America and China Japan and other countries in eastern Asia. It is obvious that the power tools industry is expending and increasing and Skil Corporation is presently creating a particular structure and plan in order to diversify its business actions. This marketing plan describes how Skil Corporation contemplates to broaden its present dissemination, induce innovative appliances and appear in new markets, which are still to be investigated by the company.

Skill Corporation’s Mission and Goals

The Skil Corporation’s mission is to become the principal manufacturer and seller of power tools, which are prominent due to high caliber, endurance and excellent implementation, which all help to provide denomination to its clients .Furthermore, Skil Corporation attempts and looks forward to inventing innovative power tools, which will suit the constantly altering necessities of clients and industrial tools consumers.

During the next three years, Skil Corporations objects to achieve the subsequent non-fiscal and financial objectives. The financial objectives of Skil Corporation include two points. They have an objective of increasing the annual income by at least 50 percent .Secondly, the corporation aims at acquiring the funding required in order to comprise innovative product ranges and, thus, increasing the overall distribution .On the other hand, non-fiscal objectives of the corporation incorporate three major aims. Firstly, the corporation desires to preserve an affirmative and solid increase in their sales. Secondly, they desire to encroach fresh geographical emporiums incorporating Africa and Asia, together with various niche markets (so-called do-it-yourself markets and products). Finally, the corporation has an objective to commence innovative product lines.

Core Competencies

Skil Corporation contemplates to utilize of its core competencies in order to assure that it obtains a stable emulative benefit over its competitors at the same time when competitors will not be capable of offering analogous or similar as in Skil Corporation pricing to the clients. Currently, Skil Corporation has numerous core competencies in novelty; production of high quality and enduring products, which results in a perceptible brand name among the clients; and the establishment of a strong repute among distributors, who know that the corporation is a dependable producer, who produce high caliber products .Skil Corporations has an objective to utilize the above-mentioned core competencies, while making use of marketing strategies purposed at raining the appliances proposal and supply markets.

Situational Analysis

Skil Corporation’s trading and marketing surrounding and sphere represents a number of possibilities. It presents numerous issues, which can be tackled by Skil Corporation effectively. The SWOT analysis demonstrates a position of Skil Corporation in accordance with the overall market place. Starting with the corporation’s foundation, Skil Corporation has contrived to create numerous eminent strengths at the same time envisaging new possibilities. Its broad fabrication line; advanced, original and qualified originators and well hardened supply channels among other vigor sides will provide Skil Corporation with a better stance to develop .Howsoever, the corporation will have to create corresponding strategies in order to establish its competitive capacity in a highly emulative industry. Furthermore, Skil Corporation will be forces to embrace cost limiting strategies to mortify the elevating spendings for raw matter. 

The internal origin consists of strengths and weaknesses. Skil Corporation has eight strengths in the industry. Firstly, it has broad diapason of fabrication ranges to suit multiform client requirements .Secondly, Skil Corporation originators are advanced and original, which is believed to be a propelling strength for the corporation’s business after its foundation. Thirdly, the corporation has well organized supply channels, including various hardware outlets and department outlets. Fourthly, a company has a strong and technical sales strength. Fifthly, Skil Corporation holds perfect product brand name and popularity among its clients. Sixthly, corporation has divided production plants in different geographical locations, which assists in lowering manufacturing and shipment spendings. Seventhly, Skil Corporation has an established market attendance in Europe .Finally, corporation holds a well established client centers and attendance locations all along the whole United States. 

The corporation faces some weaknesses in the industry. Firstly, the corporation has been under the control of one family members, thus, they have the regulative interest in the corporation. Secondly, the corporation demonstrates poor fiscal performance. Thirdly, the corporation’s supply channel has a shortage of mass dealers and traders. Finally, the corporation rarely publicizes its products and relies more of product popularity .

The external origin of SWOT analysis incorporates opportunities and threads of Skil Corporation in the industry. The number of opportunities is much higher than the number of threads. Firstly, the rising in the do-it-yourself section represents a remarkable marketing opportunity. Secondly, the requirement to economize among clients will raise the gross revenue in the do-it-yourself section. Thirdly, market investigation statistics demonstrates that the power tools industry is sustains increase both in accordance with occupational and clients appliances. Fourthly, the well-designed constituent of power is still to be investigated by other corporations and companies, which definitely represent a possibility for Skil Corporation to stabilize the market. Fifthly, the establishment of international markets will promote and alleviate the access to raw matter and supply with various marketing possibilities .Nevertheless, the corporation can face a number of threads in the industry. Firstly, an unclear divergence between client and occupational target markets might negatively influence product supply. Secondly, there is a strong competition with such corporations and companies as Makita, Black and Decker and Bosch. Thirdly, the increasing spendings of raw matter such as copper provoked by the deficiency also poses a serious thread. 

Market Summary

Skil Corporation has affluent data concerning the market and the features of the consumers of power tools. This data will perform an determinative function in comprehension of the peculiarities of the target clients, their appropriate peculiar requirements and how Skil Corporation can associate with its clients efficiently to be able to enhance its clients basis and eventualy its market share. In the U.S. alone, the requirement for hand and power tools is considered to grow by 4.8 percent a year in order to attains to $ 13.1 billion in 2016. Furthermore, the occupational requirements of power tools will enlarge. The target markets for Skil Corporation incorporate do-it-yourself power/client tools, industrial power tools, hand assistance power tools, portable electric tools, and occupational tools.

The contour for the standard Skil Corporation client includes specific geographic features and peculiar scope of utilization. Presently, Skil Corporation concentrates on the North America, Western Europe and Australia .Despite the fact that Skil Corporation markets its tools on a global basis, it has the major force is concentrated in Europe. By enhancing its global attendance via publicity, Skil Corporation is able to be is service in both global and local markets within its target emporiums. The proximate quantity of target clients for Skil Corporation cannot be evaluated on an international stage and incorporated in all homes and industries. Skil Corporation is in service of both consumer (do-it-yourself) and occupational markets. Having an extensive product range, which is comprised of different forms, volumes, applications and values, Skil Corporation can target a wide amount of clients grounding on their arena of power tools utilization. Occupational consumers incorporate a, extensive number of people such as metal workers, electricians, agriculturists, locksmiths, woodworkers and building contractors. They are usually interested in attendance, endurance, caliber and efficiency. The clients/do-it-yourself section is originally amatory and is more value vulnerable if to compare with professionals. In the U.S., the client section has lived through increase growth and stands for approximately half of the U.S. power tool market .On the other hand, the portative electric power tools section is another objective for Skil Corporation and overlaps on a global basis in order to incorporate industries, practitioners and personal clients. Industries and corporations are also progressively becoming a constituent of the power tools market, which Skil Corporation is supposed to investigate by evolving client power tools utilized in this section. Industrial power tools are peculiar to its clients.

Market Needs

Skil Corporation is presently proposing consumers with an uneven line of power tools for extensive extend of clients and utilizations .Skil Corporation has an objective to accomplish several requirements and advantages, which are believed to be essential for its clients. The first benefit and advantage stands for tool efficiency. Thus, the efficiency of power tools evolved by Skil Corporations will assure that clients fulfill their duties efficiently and obtain their objectives, which asked them to use the tool. Performance is imperative in ensuring that tools developed by the Skil Corporation achieve their intended purpose. The second benefit and advantage stands for the caliber of tools. Caliber is imperious in assuring that tools evolve by Skil Corporation have indications and characteristical sides, which encounter such acknowledged standards as security and efficiency. The power tools market has been incarnated by numerous casualties appearing due to the usage of inferior instruments, and Skil Corporation has to covey these issues by evolving high caliber power tools, which will warrantee the security of consumers.

The third benefit and advantage stands for endurance. Long-lasting tools are crucial in assuring that clients receive denominations for their means. Skil Corporation will assure via rearing the evolvement of long-lasting power tools through continuous innovation, investigation and evolvement. The fourth benefit and advantage stands for client service. Thus, excellent client service is required to found a stable business pattern, which is client-centric, and, therefore, will lead to a faithful client base and equip a possibility through which Skil Corporation will enhance its market immixture. The fifth benefit and advantages represents price. By providing high-caliber tools at admissible values, Skil Corporation will be able to position itself as a value and price leader in the power tools industry. This will assist in enhancing its emulative superiority over its competitors.

Market Trends

Skil Corporation has an objective to separate itself from its opponents via value pricing. Value and innovation are the major stimuli in the power tools market and practical clients are ever more in search of appropriate prices. Serious encouragements and pricing are the key components in order to obtain prosperous commerce in the power tools industry due to the fact that clients are constantly searching for value-centered tools. Value and pricing is a usual feature of the market tendency in the power tools industry.

The power tools market incorporates various predicaments containing such tools as trepans, and saws. Trepans incorporate the biggest section followed by sews. The other appliances section (known as multi-functional appliances) is appearing as the fastest rate possible. Furthermore, the importance of battery power tools is growing among the power tools market due to their catholicity, which represents a significant possibility for Skil Corporation.  Another tendency stands for the growing importance of the do-it-yourself, due to the fact that clients are looking for channels of making themselves occupied and economizing costs. Therefore, a lot of clients desire to execute numerous duties, which ask for utilizing power tools on their own instead of leasing specific practitioners. The do-it-yourself tendency is considered to sustain, which represents a possibility for Skil Corporation to encroach the market.


Skil Corporation is currently executing its function in an emulating industry identified by provocative and serious competition. The majority of competitors have concentrated on a specialized market section despite the fact that they have an opportunity to diversify their fabrication range. Therefore, Skil Corporation will commence with product divergence in order to assure that it answers the requirements of all clients in the market .The table 1 represents the market immixture of the universal power tools market.

Table 1. Percentage market share of global industry players

Table 1. Percentage market share of global industry players

Marketing Strategies

It is believed that the major factor, which will lead to prosperous marketing, is creation of an efficient ad successful relationship and communication strategy, which provides fabrication data in an efficient way to the target clients. Due to the fact that Skil Corporation has an extensive fabrication portfolio, it is obvious that the company can comprise about 80 percent of the power tools market. The utilization of an innovation principle will allow Skil Corporation to utilize the leader strategy of market supremacy. Skil Corporation will integrate value leadership and origination tendencies in order to obtain emulative profit. Despite the fact that each market section is unrepeatable concerning the product’s quality, fabrication endurance and diapason of utilization, Skil Corporation will ensure that it evolves power tools, which are modified in accordance with the requirements of a specific market section.


The latest growth in the usage of do-it-yourself tools represents a superb possibility for Skil Corporation to single out. The objective of Skil Corporation is to amplify this target market by evolving such power tools for personal usage as garden appliances and home reconstructing appliances. The dispensation of the do-it-yourself target market will consist of garden appliances, self-propelled hand appliances, clearance appliances, home tools, and appliances required in sustaining residential and business buildings. The objective of Skil Corporation is to calibrate family and domestic clients looking forward to commence and finish creation and home reconstructing plans themselves .It is also important to include such light weight professionals as agriculture workers, locksmiths and constructors in the Skil Corporation’s target market. It is crucial to remember that such a target market should be value-conscious and is continuously looking for new prices in the appliances they buy, which commutate that they are value-centered.

Innovative Strategy

Skil Corporation has to allocate itself as a price main player and an innovator. Such an allocation may be obtained by utilizing the emulative border of Skil Corporation. For example, the corporation vapors that it has a number of industry’s firstly created appliances, including battery drill, the first client electric hedge hammer, and the first portative electric saw. This can equip a possibility for the corporation to allocate itself as an innovator. The advanced company’s originators can also perform a significant function in the evolvement of high-caliber appliances, which demonstrate high level of efficiency. Thus, by proposing its high-caliber fabrications at comparatively lower spendings than its opponents, Skil Corporation will allocated itself as a price main player and innovator in the power tools industry. 

In addition, Skil Corporation will have to utilize a specific mixture of strategies in order to obtain its objectives. Furstly, the corporation has to create a specific product strategy. Currently, Skil Corporation proposes a number of power tools and implements in its fabrication diapason incorporating new appliances, trepans, specific Skil saws, power padlocks, jigsaws, sandblasts, interchanging saws, grinders, special appliances and measuring appliances. Secondly, there should be a specific distribution strategy. Presently, Skil Corporation spreads its fabrications via hardware outlets, department outlets, and specific contractor delivery channels. During the following three years, Skil Corporation objects to amalgamate both industrial and client channels in the distribution strategy. The industrial channels will incorporate contractor delivery, cutter delivery, appliances professionals, locksmiths and electricians delivery outlets, construction materials delivery outlets, automotive distributors, appliances and equipment outlets. The consumer channels will incorporate mass merchandisers, hardware outlet and home centers. Skil Corporation also has an objective to enlarge its market to include a world-wide diapason. Therefore, its supply channels will be acknowledged on universal diapason. Thirdly, Skil Corporation has to enhance promotional strategy. A number of promotional instruments can be utilized in order to sustain the target clients such as trading and client’s encouragements and promotions, client communication control and financing projects. Skil Corporation can organize numerous dwelling expositions in order to trade and advocate its fabrications. Commercialization can also be a crucial constituent of the publicizing strategy utilized by the corporation. Such publicizing can appear via print, TV and electronic media in order to inquire the target clients. The Internet will be an insured instrument for publicizing via such remedies as social media (Twitter and Facebook), search engine optimization and the corporation’s website as well. Finally, the corporation has to analyze and update its pricing strategy. It is well-known that clients are value-sensitive and price-oriented, which demonstrates that the most efficient pricing strategy has to include the emulative pricing standards. Due to the fact that Skil Corporation is not concentrated on discrepancy strategies, the adopted pricing standard will consist of arranging values, which are comparatively lower than the price utilized by opponents.


The major objective of this marketing plan is to operate as a direction for the corporation. Therefore, the efficiency may be evaluated by utilizing numerous constituents including the annual income, yearly spendings, the actual marketing, success in market gross revenue and enlargement of the product portfolio. The following table can be utilized for the implementation of a plan. 


Table 2. The timeline of new strategies and changes implementation

Table 2. The timeline of new strategies and changes implementation


The current marketing plan demonstrates that Skil Corporation has numerous possibilities and strengths in power tools industry. Nevertheless, the company has to review and changes its positioning strategy, pricing strategy, distribution strategy, and promotion strategy. All of these strategies are believe to be weak, which was demonstrated via SWOT analysis, market analysis and competition analysis. The implementation of changes and innovative strategies will help the company to enlarge its distribution and broadening on a global scale. Furthermore, it will help to successfully surpass major competitor and reach a broader client base.


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