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Marketing Objectives

Ethica Accessories is the marketing tool for a charity organization called Sisters of Saint Joseph Peruvian Project whose main objective is to empower women from marginalized groups by equipping them with skill and resources that enable them to earn an honest income by designing and doing art works. Sisters of Saint Joseph Peruvian Project set to empower women in Peru by offering them job opportunities so as to earn a sustainable income to support their families and to reduce the level of poverty among the families. They use the resources provided to them in order to come up with products that will be sold in Australia. Some of the organization's products include jewelry, purses, accessories and novelties, hats and gloves. Ethica accessories, as the marketing tool, seek to market the project's products through various platforms. Ethica accessories markets the various products made by the women under the Saint Joseph Peruvian Project through their online website, organized events and conferences. Ethica's main goal is to provide employment and a source of income to as many people as possible. One of its main objectives is to provide the unemployed women with tools and raw materials to facilitate them in making the products. This money is spent on basic needs such as food and medicine and also to send their children to school. After giving them these resources, the women then use their skills and their abilities in the creating some of the products, which are in turn sold to assist the women to provide for their families (Strauss 2009).

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Another main objective of Ethica is to provide employment for women in Peru who had been struggling to provide for their families and have been struggling under poverty. The project also includes women who are employed, but who are interested in making an extra income to subsidize their income. Ethica accessories prefer women who have skills and are unemployed to women who work in the huge co-operatives and have ready markets for their problems. This is mainly because the unemployed women have no other source of income. This organization seeks to develop these women's skills and abilities through training. Trainings are done from three main locations: Lima, Pitumarca and Tarma. Another objective is to ensure that workflow is stable and it gets some of the products in small quantities on a monthly basis so as to confirm the producers are ever working under a predictable and constantly flowing schedule. Ethica strives to ensure that the organization's products fetch a fair and competitive price in the Australia market in order to ensure that depending on the skills and time spent to come up with the products the prices are well paying. Another objective of Ethica accessories is to ensure the wellbeing of the producers both economically and socially. The organization achieves this by maintaining a strong relationship with the women by keeping regular contacts with them and organizing events where they interact with each other and share their experiences (Chaffey 2009).

Situational Analysis: SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is an environment-analysis tool that helps to examine the strengths and weaknesses within an organization as well as the opportunities and threats facing it. It is a useful tool in the organization as it helps to identify forces in the internal environment as well as to identify opportunities and threats that it faces. Strength and weakness involves analysis of internal factors in the organization while opportunities and threats are related to the external factors facing the business. Internal factors are those factors affecting strengths and weaknesses within an organization. Those factors include staff, image, financial obligations, and managements. Strengths are factors that help the management achieve organizations goals while weaknesses make it difficult to achieve the set goals (Haegele 2001).

External factors, on the other hand, are caused by forces that cannot be controlled by the organization, for example, technology, customers, competitors and suppliers. Opportunities have a positive way of influencing an organization; however, threats hinder organizations' performance. The strengths of Ethica accessories include its committed work force of the network of women. Since the company has inspired and empowered them, they feel part of the company and are motivated. This ensures that the products are of high quality and that they are of the correct standard so that they can attract good prices. Another company's strength is the wide variety of products made and sold by the company; for example, bags, accessories, scarves; children wear as well as household accessories. Products are very affordable for customers and this makes them affordable to a large number of people. This is another element that works to promote the company's profits as well as promote the image of the company (Clarke 2005).

The weaknesses of the company are that it involves staffs that are not well equipped with the skills required for production of the artifacts. This company's practice leads to additional expenses, because it incurs a lot of money for training and developing their skills. Another internal challenge is that the company sometimes makes minimal or no profit at all. This could collapse the company in the future as it would be hard to meet operational costs. The external environment, on the other hand, contains both opportunities and weaknesses. Some of the opportunities available to the company include globalization and the improvement of communication across the globe. Through its web page, the company can advertise its products to a larger group of people all around the world. The improved transport means and money transfer facilitate selling and shipment of the products to customers in far states or countries. On the contrary, the company faces several threats from the same external environment. These include the increased cyber-crimes that have hindered the development of marketing on the internet platform. Another threat is the increased cost of raw materials that has reduced the profit margin by increasing the cost of production. There is also excess completion in the clothing industry that challenges the existence of the company.

PESTEL Analysis

This is a tool used by market researchers to examine external environmental factors affecting an organization. It stands for political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors. Political factors show the extent to which government intervenes in the business environment in terms of politics, tax policies, labor law trade restrictions and political stability. Organizations need to abide by the law and perform their activities through the set policies. Ethica Accessories as a company has to convince the government by presenting documents and proposals, which cost a lot. They are also taxed just like the normal companies. Economic factor include inflation, consumers' disposable income, inflations and interest rates. Ethica accessories, therefore, need to look into these factors to examine its current and future performance and plan how it can survive; although it has no control over these factors. Social factors hold market researchers to be able to comprehend different types of customers. It deals with the society's beliefs and trends such as demographic changes; example of these factors is age and population.

Trends in the fashion and clothes industries are changing rapidly and if the company does not carry out regular environmental scanning, then it might end up producing out dated items that will not sell. Technological changes are also external environmental challenges that face the company and unfortunately are out of control of the company and the only thing that it can do is find ways of mitigating and adapting to the ever changing trends. Ethica accessories being the marketing arm of the organization need to keep up with the changes in technology for it to remain relevant. Legal issues include issues of registration and adherence to the acceptable practices. The company has to comply with labor laws among other legislations. Environmental concerns have also been a major issue as companies are required to comply with global environmental standards.

Marketing research is the tool that assists the company to gather information from its consumers, customers, competitors, government and the market in order to make sound strategic decisions. It mostly involves analyzing the economic trends and advising the company on the way forward. It also includes gathering information of government, social and technological trends and transferring this information to senior management levels so that the organization can keep up with the changes and avoid being faced off. Marketing research also involves comparing the competitors' activities to those of the organization. The company should also research on the changes in the market such as changes in the prices and changes in the income levels so that they can do their pricing and costing with these changes in mind. Ethica accessories can use such tools as questionnaires and email respondents to find out what the consumer wants and how the changes in the economic factors have affected their level of income. After the collection of data, it is analyzed and the data put in form of data trend analysis form such as a chart or a graph. This helps the managers to analyze the data, interpret and make correct decisions (Collin 2000).


Ethica accessories is a marketing arm of the Sisters of Saint Joseph Peruvian Project that empowers women to make an income by marketing their home made products such as scarves and hats. It faces opportunities and threats as well as strengths and weaknesses. However it has tried to overcome this challenges and it has continued to raise the standards of the lives of the marginalized women in Peru.


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