GED Essay Topics: Choose One for Your Project

When you are looking for GED essay topics, it is important to know that these essays were the subject of significant change in 2014 under revisions to GED (General Equivalency Development or General Equivalency Diploma) tests. Please refer to's website for information on the latest guidelines. Below is a list of suggested topics for a GED essay.

Each GED test is comprised of an essay section wherein the test-taker is required to write a fairly brief essay on a given topic. GED essays can be of the descriptive, narrative, or persuasive type. A descriptive essay involves the painting of a vivid picture for readers based on the individual and specific characteristics of the subject matter. In a narrative essay the writer is required to recount a story or experience from their own lives.

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In a persuasive essay the writer is required to give their own opinion on the chosen topic. All of these types of essay require a solid thesis and the paragraphs within them need to be properly-structured and well-developed. You are allowed to write only about the given topic, which means it can help to do some practice using a number of different topics. So, why not set your timer for three-quarters of an hour (45 minutes) while you try to write a worthy essay on one of the following topics.

  1. If you were to win a big lottery prize, what changes would you make to your current lifestyle? Would you continue as you are? In your essay, discuss your thoughts and ideas while supporting them with examples and reasons.
  2. What main personal objectives would you like or expect to achieve over the next five-year period?
  3. How should youngsters be educated to practice sex safely?
  4. Is it important to have a college or university degree in modern-day workplaces? Explain your view of higher education and its value drawing on your own experiences of life.
  5. What main characteristics do people need to make exemplary parents to their children?
  6. What does honesty truly mean? Use your essay to explore whether it is always best to be honest or whether there are times when a form of dishonesty is best.
  7. What age people do you admire most - those of a similar age to you or people who are older? Explain your thoughts in an essay using examples of one or more people you admire and your reasons for admiring them.
  8. Which gender is the modern world most difficult for? Why is this so?
  9. Select a single event that occurred in your own life - one that you learned a powerful lesson from. Use personal experience and observations of life to explain how that particular lesson was of great value.
  10. Should the larger part of school funding be spent on drama or sport?
  11. What primary characteristics does a person need to be an effective boss?
  12. Think about the changes that have occurred in society in recent times. Would you say that today's young people have a better life that their counterparts of times past? In your essay, explain why life is better now or why it is not.
  13. From all your possessions, which ones do you treasure most? Select one item and describe it on the basis of three to four of its special characteristics. Explain the importance of this item in your life.
  14. What animal do you think would make an excellent indoors pet?

  1. Since its invention, the Internet has irreversibly harmed people's ability to perform long-lasting research. Would you say the advantages of having instant access to information compares favorably or unfavorably to the possible disadvantages of peoples' inability to pay attention for relatively long periods?
  2. Write about a time when you had to make a painful decision concerning an ethical matter. Explain the importance of this experience and how it was character developing for you.
  3. What important links are missing where animal rights are concerned in today's world?
  4. Do you think the system by which high schools currently operate is adequate for educating the youth of the country? Say what the valuable aspects of the current system are or what changes could be implemented to get improved results.
  5. Is there any tangible value to be had by individuals who take up hobbies? If there are advantages, how can participants benefit from various extracurricular activities? Describe in your essay what activities you engage in outside school or working hours.
  6. What obstacles are the greatest when it comes to totally ridding today's world of racism?
  7. In modern society, is the amount of television we watch more than is good for us?
  8. If someone offered you the opportunity to live in a different era, what time period would you choose? Why would you choose it? Make sure you include any historical information that is necessary to support the views in your essay.
  9. Do you think that students should be required to do at least a certain amount of community service? How many hours do you think would be appropriate and do you think making community service mandatory would be beneficial to today's youth?
  10. What can be done to gain control of the world's climate change problems?
  11. When choosing a job or career type, what factors should the applicant give priority to?
  12. What key qualities should a person look for in a real friend?
  13. There are a variety of reasons why radio remains popular as an entertainment medium. What reasons can you think of?
  14. What benefits are there to living in a big city rather than a small town in a rural area?
  15. How can drivers be prevented from texting when they are driving? Support your views with examples and suggestions.
  16. Within your family, which member is most important to you? Explain what type of relationship you have with this family member and what reasons you have for choosing them.


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