Nov 6, 2017 in Health

Spirituality in Health Situations

Health care providers have to be well prepared when dealing with their patients not only on medical matters but also on other important aspects of their lives. It usually has a great influence on how well health care practitioners perform their duties and are able to satisfy patients. Spiritual matters are very important and have to be carefully dealt with by the health practitioners in case of need.

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A health care practitioner should care for his/her spirituality by leading a good spiritual life. It can be achieved through observing spiritual requirements of one’s religion. If a health practitioner keeps healthy spiritual life, it will be possible for him/her to take care of the spiritual needs of others. It is quite hard to assist others spiritually if one has no spiritual beliefs. However, if one takes care of his/her beliefs, it is easier to serve patients. This can be achieved through keeping one’s religious beliefs at bay and trying to understand the beliefs of a patient that might be quite different (Goodchild, 2009). This will eliminate the possibilities of conflict of interest that may harm the progress of the patient and make his/her time in the hospital unbearable. The practitioner can also administer to the needs of patients by providing them with religious materials that are in line with patient’s faith. This will involve the practitioner searching for the materials and presenting them to the patient when attending him/her.

The patient’s family also has religious needs that should be catered for by the practitioner. First, he /she can enquire about the family’s religious beliefs. Further, some interesting materials can be prepared for them. In such a way the practitioner will provide the  family with some required information. The practitioner should be equipped with the basic knowledge concerning religious beliefs of the patient’s family (Acosta, 2003). Consequently, the conflicts based on religion will not take place.

By the way, the colleagues of each health care practitioner also have some spiritual beliefs and the latter has to take care of them in case of need. It can be achieved through ensuring that the practitioner is conversant with the beliefs of his/her colleagues (Acosta, 2003). This will avoid commotions or problems that may arise due to the conflicts based on religion.


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