Essay Topics about Photography

  1. Film Photography Idols. This is probably one of the most fascinating essay topics about photography, which can take both you and those who will read your work to the world of magnificent works of great photographers of 19th century. Such masters as Robert Capa, Richard Avedon, Diane Arbus, Irvin Penn, Helmut Newton and many others will definitely serve as a great basis for an inspirational paper.
  2. Afghan Girl. The famous photograph of an Afghan girl that was placed on the cover of National Geographic in mid 80s was a real breakthrough in the concept of reporting photography. You can prefer this theme to other photography essay topics and discuss why this portrait has become so popular worldwide, and how it influenced both the career of the photographer and the destiny of the model. 
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  1. Cartier-Bresson: The Great Photographer of All Times. The name of Cartier-Bresson is well known for anyone interested in photography. You may devote your essay to the personality of this great photographer and the history of his career, paying a special attention to the philosophy of his works. In specific, you can discuss how the natural emotions and reactions in people he photographed have always been his major priority.
  2. Importance of Social Documentary Photography. This is definitely one of the good photography essay topics, as it both involves some research on the topical issue and allows you to express a certain position in your paper. To make your essay more involving and convincing, you can illustrate it with dramatic social documentary photographs.
  3. Modern Photography Awards. In your essay, you can list the existing photography awards and prizes, which are prestigious and known in the world. Also, you can discuss how such awards stimulate the photographers to strive to do their best and keep looking for the perfect shot. Moreover, it is important to mention how these prizes shape the concept of modern photography and pre-determine certain themes.
  4. Evolution of Wedding Photography. If you are looking for up-to-date essay topics about photography, choose this one, as the need for shooting weddings will never disappear. You can name the modern tendencies in wedding photography and trace how they have changed over the last 150 years. In addition, you can predict what might change in the existing approaches to wedding photography in the nearest future.
  5. Special Features of Wildlife Photography. In an essay with such topic, you can tell about the challenges that wildlife photographers usually face and that make this genre of photography very different from others. This would include the use of different cameras, lenses and other technologies, particular settings, complicated maneuvers while looking for a scene to capture, hazards of wild nature, etc. Of course, it would be appropriate to mention the famous wildlife photographers, whose works have been published in the best magazines.
  6. Ethical Code of Paparazzi. This is definitely one of involving essay topics about photography, considering the rising interest in celebrity life. The sensational pictures of celebrities and politicians serve as an entertainment for the audience, but obviously intrude in the personal life of famous people. Is there any universal ethical code for paparazzi? When are their actions too inappropriate? These are the questions you might want to address in your paper.
  7. Image Editing: Good or Evil? As an alternative, you can build your essay around the use of image editing today. Take a certain position. Do you think image editing is a positive effect of technological advances, or a negative phenomenon that threatens the credibility of visual materials in general? Use catchy examples and illustrations to support your arguments.
  8. Invention of photography. The world lived without photography for so many years that the invention of the latter seems to be a truly miraculous coincidence. Who contributed to the creation of first photo cameras? What triggered the invention of creating images? What was the historic background of the time? How did the emergence of photography change the world, and in which spheres of life? These are just some of the questions for you to answer in your paper.
  9. Kodak Brownie: A Legendary Camera. To prepare an outstanding writing assignment, consider this essay topic. Talk about the technical properties of this camera and its specificities that made it extremely popular. Also, since film photography is becoming popular again, it could be reasonable to make a little research about this camera’s use today.
  1. The Role of Photography in Science. This essay offers an opportunity to compose an outstanding essay. Indeed, do we realize to what extent the scientific achievements and advances depend on photography? What would the modern textbooks, researches and articles look like without images? Obviously, the role of photographs in this sphere cannot be overestimated. You can opt for developing this idea in your paper.
  2. Special Films. You can choose to discuss the special kinds of photographic film developed for different purposes, such as films for capturing UV and IR rays and instant film. One of the ways to build such essay is to discuss what caused the need for the special kinds of film and which kinds are still used today.
  3. Film Renaissance. After 2010, there has been noticed a rise in film use for photography after a few decades of decline due to the digital technologies emerging. In your paper, you can discuss this shift and analyze what might be the reasons for the modern photographers and amateurs being interested in such a costly and time-consuming medium as photographic film.
  4. Commercial Photography vs. Art Photography. Which of these two branches do you think is more valuable? Which one brings more profit? Why is this so? Has it always been this way? What are your assumptions about the future development of both spheres? You can answer these questions in your paper, providing specific examples to illustrate your ideas. For this kind of topic, a compare and contrast type of essay structure would be the most suitable.


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