Controversial Art Topics

Choose controversial art topics if you have to write an impactful essay, speech, or post because such topics leave no one indifferent. When you have a chance to discuss a debatable issue, it is a good idea to try and play devil’s advocate and familiarize yourself with the viewpoints and arguments of the opponents. This will boost your analytical thinking and will contribute to the critical value of your own arguments. Besides, you will learn to defend your point of view more effectively – a skill that is useful across all disciplines and spheres of life. Once you master the skill of argumentation, you will have the upper hand in a variety of situations, from discussions on a college board post to situations when you have to support a public policy you prefer. The truth is, an ability to demonstrate critical thinking and acknowledge other people’s points of view enhances your chances of making your audience interested in what you are meaning to say.

Below you will find a refined selection of the best controversial art topics to help you create a great essay or speech. The list covers a wide array of subjects and we continue to expand and improve it. If you have to prepare an interesting essay but have not come up with a meaningful topic yet, welcome to our website. We are sure that what you will find here will be more than enough to get you started. Note that we also have an exhaustive list of topics for argumentative, persuasive, and policy speeches.

Selecting a Perfectly Appropriate Topic

If you set your mind at creating a presentation that fascinates your listeners and/or readers, you have to choose the most appropriate topic. Here are some good ways to approach this task:

Bear the purpose in mind. Are you planning to inform you audience about the topic or is your goal to persuade them? A mixture of two approaches is possible, as well. Whatever your choice and preferences, be sure to decide on the purpose in advance and keep it before your eyes till the end of the writing process.

Know your audience. It is recommended to think about your intended audience already at the topic selection stage. For instance, if your audience comprises of young people rather than adults, they might be more interesting in modern art and topics that are trendy. Consider their social and cultural backgrounds, tastes, and preferences and you are sure to find a topic that hits home.

Do not forget about your personal interests. Knowing the tastes of your audience is a good thing but you should also explore and discuss a topic that interests you. This will transform your research into a fascinating adventure as you discover new and more intriguing details of a topic you like. Similarly, you will be more inspired to present the information you have found. People adore speeches and essays that are written by passionate authors.

Establish credibility. If you demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the topic you are writing about, your readers / listeners will be more inclined to believe you as they will perceive you as a credible source of information. Mind you, you can achieve the opposite effect if you make mistakes and refer to unreliable sources, so be sure to do some fact checking even if you are absolutely convinced in the accuracy of your knowledge.

Controversy penetrates all spheres of human life and that is why people find it intriguing. If you cannot come up with a controversial topic you like, do not give up! There are so many more resources to explore. For instance, you can draw inspiration from the up-to-date newsfeeds in social media, check our different forums, and use helpful websites, such as CQ researcher. In addition, be sure to visit our trending topics page.

A Compilation of Controversial Art Topics for Speeches and Essays

  1. 21st century music industry is a mafia world and that is why buying songs is expensive.
  2. Religious radicalism is an increasing threat to democracy.
  3. Genetic information of clients should not be available for health insurance companies.
  4. High-school education leaves kids unprepared the real adult life.
  5. Downloading copyright music for education should be legal.
  6. Farms should not receive subsidies.
  7. People should be able to buy HIV tests in drugstores.
  8. Hunting should be forbidden across the globe.
  9. The era of nuclear power energy has come to an end.
  10. Only well-performing students should be able to receive higher education.
  11. Medical marijuana should be legalized for medical purposes.
  12. Women should strive to build their careers before getting married and having kids.
  13. School prayer should be made an integral part of activities in early childhood education institutions.
  14. Agnosticism means being skeptical about theology.
  15. Satellite broadcasting endangers indigenous cultures.
  16. Women are still restricted by glass ceiling in the democratic societies.
  17. Child labor can be stopped provided government takes the necessary action.
  18. The minimal wage should not be smaller than the amount of money necessary for survival.
  19. Healthcare services should be free.
  20. Self-esteem problems can lead to social isolation.
  21. Unruly children in public places are their parents’ responsibility.
  22. Emergency contraception should not be sold to underage girls and boys.
  23. Cosmetics and drugs should be tested on humans and not animals.
  24. Wild life safaris have no benefit other than providing fun for rich people.
  25. Small universities are more comfortable than the big ones because they find individual approach to every student. This is the reason why small universities offer better education.
  26. Rural areas should adopt home schooling as an effective substitute for in-school education.
  27. Night shifts have a more detrimental effect on human health than day shifts do.
  28. People who buy overly expensive things have self-esteem problems.
  29. The society should perform castration surgery on offenders.
  30. Colleagues should no date.
  31. The trend of living with your lover before marrying one prevailing in the modern society has a negative impact on marriages.

Controversial Essay Topics by Themes

Economics, Law & Politics

1.      Define slacktivism. Is online activity in support of political or social issues effective?

2.      Do laws that regulate concealed carry permits make the country safer?

3.      Capital punishment and democracy: can these two phenomena coexist?

4.      Analyze the security and privacy concerns associated with e-voting.

5.      Should we arm teachers for better protection of schoolkids?

6.      Why do women have lower salaries? Recommend a policy that would help fix this.

7.      What are the benefits of casinos?

8.      Does multiculturalism contribute to higher level of tolerance in the society?

9.      Pro-life and pro-choice views on abortion.

10.  How do the rights of LGBTQ community affect those of heterosexuals?

11.  Explain how gun control contradicts the rights prescribed by the Second Amendment.

12.  The advantages and dangers of euthanasia.

13.  Racial profiling: a myth of reality?

14.  Should we use torture to interrogate terrorists?

15.  The dangers of corruption in public media.

16.  The reasons leading to some schoolchildren’s refusal to participate in Pledge of Allegiance recital and what should we do about it?

17.  Code of ethics in politics.

18.  Should we ensure financial protection for farmers against natural disasters, like draughts?

19.  Discuss the causes and consequences of the US intervention in Iraq.

20.  The US should not interfere in politics of other countries.

21.  SI there a chance for world peace?

22.  The financial ramifications of political campaigns.

23.  Playing the victim of racism.

24.  How can people control nuclear arms utilization?

25.  Are labor unions helpful?

26.  Why are people worried about gay marriages?

27.  Salaries of famous professional athletes are sometimes higher than the salaries of military workers. Is it fair?

28.  Mudslinging in politics: why do we allow people who violate ethical codes rule the country?

29.  Can we win the war on homelessness? Should we?

30.  Discuss the rights prisoners are entitled to.

31.  Can we make college education available to all?

32.  Living in abusive homes vs. being put in ‘the system’: what is better for children?

33.  Why does working community support double standards between male and female employees?

34.  How can we make nursing homes better?

35.  Should we reduce the legal drinking age?

36.  At what age should teens be allowed to own cars?

37.  The pros and cons of banning tests on animals.

38.  Are the taxation rates too high in developed countries?

39.  Discuss and analyze the restriction on freedom of speech as it relates to social media.

40.  What are the positive and negative consequences of censorship?

41.  Economic benefits of illegal immigration.

42.  Is insanity plea real or is it a clever excuse?

43.  How to stop school shootings?

44.  Discuss the appropriate punishment for sexual harassment.

45.  Smoking in public places.

46.  Should we make laws against discrimination tougher?

47.  How does the environment in prisons contribute to future crimes rates?

48.  The dangers of announcing that you want to be organ donor.

49.  Obligatory drug tests for sportsmen.

50.  How do seat belt and helmet laws help save lives?

51.  Should the jury be abolished?

52.  Discuss the pros and cons of allowing biological parents to remain in contact with their children after the latter have been adopted.

53.  How to decrease the rates of animal cruelty?

54.  Mandatory neutering and spaying of pets o decrease the number of homeless cats and dogs.

55.  Regulating birth rates.

56.  Electronic health records: the benefits and dangers.

57.  How to protect patients against medical malpractice?

58.  How does wage influence work performance?





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