Christmas Essay Topics: Best Memories and the Most Joyful Atmosphere in Your Writing

Essays are common tasks for the students, and they have to write dozens or even hundreds of such works. There are some, which students find interesting, and some which they would love to escape. As for the Christmas essay topics, they belong to the range of the most preferred ones. Why is it so? Everybody feels special atmosphere and magic in the air at the time of Christmas. There is no person who has no memories related to winter celebrations. There are so many emotions associated with Christmas that it is not a problem for the students to share them. 

Still, if you feel that some assistance with choosing a topic is welcome, you can contact us or use the prompts below.

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  • Write a journal entry on behalf of Santa’s elf to tell about one of your working days.
  • Use personification to present the holiday from the point of view of a Christmas tree, providing it with human characteristics, thoughts, and feelings. 
  • Reflect over the last celebration of Christmas. Compare your life now and last year. What is the main difference? What has changed?  
  • Write a letter to the president, who banned celebrating Christmas. Try to sound convincing to get the holiday back.  
  • Write an essay about a dozen of the best Christmas activities. Start with your favorite one. 
  • If there were an opportunity to give the same Christmas present to all the children around the globe, what would it be? Why?
  • Tell about your favorite Christmas movie.
  • Tell about your favorite Christmas story.
  • What is a flawless Christmas Day for you?
  • If you had a little reindeer to take care about, what would you like to do with it? Would it be challenging sometimes, why? 
  • What is a perfect Christmas gift for Santa? Explain every item you would like to include in the list of the most desired presents. 
  • Reflect over a possible day off of a Santa’s elf. Try to invent a story about the adventures of a little elf before Christmas.  
  • Would you prefer a snowman or an elf to be one of your friends? Explain why you have made such a choice.
  • Tell about your expectations about Christmas this year.
  • What is a perfect number of Christmas gifts for a child? Is it the same at every age? Why have you decided on that specific number?
  • There are a lot of Christmas traditions. Try to create a new one for your friends and family. What would you like to do and why?
  • Who enjoys Christmas more: a child or an adult? Explain your answer. 
  • Be a Santa for every member of your family. Which gift would you like to give to them? Explain your reasons and make your choice without taking into account the price. 
  • What is the most special Christmas present someone has ever given you?
  • What would be a perfect menu for Christmas dinner if you were in charge of composing it?  

There are so many Christmas essay topics that the students may be a bit confused and puzzled which one to choose. If you are free to make any choice, decide on the topic depending on your personal interests and pleasant feelings the topic excites in you. 

  • Will Christmas be the same without presents?
  • Should the children believe in Santa Claus?
  • How would you prove to a child that Santa Claus actually exists?
  • Christmas background through ages
  • Religious origins of Christmas
  • International Christmas traditions 
  • The best Christmas dishes for family dinners
  • How to open a Christmas gift in the right way?
  • How should a Christmas tree be decorated?
  • How do you imagine Christmas? Reflect on the sounds, smells, noises, and sounds of this holiday. 
  • What do you like more – the day before the holiday or an actual holiday? 
  • How would you spend a perfect Christmas day?
  • What is your most memorable present?
  • What is the best present you have ever given to someone? 
  • What is the genuine meaning of Christmas for you?
  • Has the meaning of Christmas changed for you over the years?
  • Is Christmas more about giving or receiving?
  • Different Christmas traditions around the world.
  • Can you imagine Christmas without Santa?
  • What are your best childhood memories related to Christmas? 
  • What is the Christmas spirit for you and your family?
  • Is it important for you to have a specific setting for celebrating Christmas?
  • Who are the best people for you to have around on Christmas day?
  • How do you feel on Christmas Eve? 
  • What is the impact of the birth of Jesus on the world we live in?
  • Should Christmas preparations be hard work?
  • What is the effect of Christmas spirit on people’s behavior?
  • Describe your marvelous Christmas memory.
  • Christmas shopping together with friends.
  • The best present I have ever given.
  • What do you like about Christmas most of all?
  • What is quality family time at Christmas?
  • My family Christmas traditions 
  • What is the best Christmas in your life?
  • Can Christmas day be funny?

  • Presents you will never throw away.
  • Does Christmas have the same meaning now as it did fifty years ago?  
  • What do you think would be Jesus’ opinion of today’s celebrations of Christmas?
  • Is commercialization an integral part of Christmas now?
  • How do you choose Christmas presents?
  • Does your family have Christmas as a special day?
  • Wrapping a Christmas present: how to do that in the right manner?
  • What does Santa do before Christmas? Describe the whole process.
  • Prove that you deserve Christmas gifts this year as you have behaved perfectly. 
  • It is high time to think about others at Christmas
  • Christmas Day cannot do without presents
  • It is not the price that makes Christmas presents valuable
  • It is time to show gratitude at Christmas

Enjoy writing using our list of Christmas essay topics!


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