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Have you enrolled on a particular college course only to find that you must learn how to write creative essay papers as part of that course? Does the thought of writing custom essays, let alone writing in the creative essay writing category, leave you with a feeling of dread? If so, you have arrived at the best place because here at Essays-Services, we really do know how to write essay papers of all types.

What is Meant by Efficient Creative Writing Essay Help?

The majority of individuals find writing creatively one of the hardest types. This is because it involves writing a piece that is not based on fact or does not take the form of a professional business-style report. On the contrary, this is fictitious work, something like a novel or a piece of story-telling. It could even be a poetic piece or lyrics for a song. No matter how long it is or the category it belongs to, writing creatively means the writer should try to make their readers feel sentimental or emotional. Normally, this type of writing doesn’t follow the usual journalistic rules. Indeed, work in the creative essay writing category is deemed as having human interest.


Another reason why this type of essay is hard to write is that it must be based on scenes and settings, and it must have characters, and all of these need to be fully elaborated on. Many find it easier to expand upon a set of facts or to give an opinion on a particular topic and support that opinion with evidence. In fact, many students are taught to write creatively from an early age. Often, they are asked to describe how they spent their holidays or to recount a story about their pet. Sadly, no matter how well they are taught, many never excel at creative writing. Indeed, a lot of students wince when they are given an assignment of this type. However, you are in luck if you have been given a creative essay papers to write because we have a team of experts who really love helping those students who buy coursework from our academic writing essay service.    

Consider, for a moment, some work of fiction that enthralls you. Maybe you can recollect some mystery story that kept you in total suspense until the last few paragraphs. The aim of any good writer is to hold the attention of their readers. The best works of fiction paint a vivid picture and they mesmerize and excite. Every word should paint a picture. The reader should feel they are part of the scene and one of the characters. And, no matter how professional or experienced the writer, a creative essay writing assignment is difficult. In truth, it takes many seasoned authors several years to write a great fictional piece. Many times they will begin writing their story, discard it, and begin again. Most people of average skill cannot complete such works, so they turn to a professional writing service and say, ‘write my essay, please!”

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Powerful Essay Sample

Nowhere Everywhere

It all began in Nowhere, in the spaces of Everywhere, when Time was still not born, and Eternity, was ruling the Substances. The Blue Haze was stretching its back like a little cat on the window sill, waiting for the warm rays of sun to caress its fuzzy sly muzzle. The tints of purple velveteen cotton gazed into the deep dark of all shades of black. Silent rainbow-colored sparkles didn’t even dare to blink in order not to disturb this peaceful shimmering of chaotic harmony.

Thus, the Eternity was not alone in the lands of Everywhere to be a King over the harmony, which if that was to happen would be such a waste of his time and space, of course. For there was nothing to be occupied with at the very beginning, when Eternity was still very young, the Blue Haze bore four thundering clouds for Eternity to take care of them and raise them.

While Eternity looked after them, the four thundering clouds were getting bigger and plumper. One day, when Eternity was sleeping, all clouds turned into a different color, and with a charming sound of falling Christmas snow, burst like a soap-bubble into millions of sparkling stars. When Eternity woke up, he felt something new in his own heart and soul. Something warm was dimly crawling through his veins, but as it was growing lighter, he knew it was good and it was glowing. Moreover, he never saw it shimmer inside him, but he knew it did. And then Eternity just knew he had become the King.

After the four thunder clouds exploded, they created four different nations. Transparent membrane was covering their glimmering insides with four different colors: brown terra cotta, blue sapphire, red coquelicot and white snow. All four looked alike by appearance. Eternity named them by the color they were shimmering with, twinkling like a little star with an amazing caressing calm tune of bells and buzzes.

As mud and clay were filling the first nation’s interior, they had rough and rugged surface with thistle-thorns and rose-spikes. They had passionate and involving feelings for nature and its plants, for they could sit for hours chanting hypnotic “om” tune, helping nature to grow picturesque and strong. Terra Cotta Brown people were nice and hospitable nation and were the ones who provided food and a place to live for community, amazing them with its abundance.

As wind and breathe filled the second nation, their appearance was vague and untouchable. White Snow people were the most amazing, as they knew ancient magic which made them invisible. However, if they wanted to remind someone of their presence one could feel their warm breeze if they were happy, or cold piercing whirl if angry. No one could ever see or touch them. But one could feel their presence, embraced sometimes like with a warm blanket in a winter night, or like a sea breeze, as fresh and unobtrusive like the sprinkling, dripping drops of water. They were in charge of bringing thoughts into the minds and filling all life with breath.

As chill and smooth moisture filled the third nation, their outside looked like transparent blue melting ice cream. They were creating the sources for drinking and bathing, for they could spend hours, watching the streaming current of water. Sometimes, Sapphire Blue people were tranquil and distant, often being in their thoughts, creating new sources for life. Other times, they would be rushed in thoughts and running in all direction, searching for a way. Sometimes they would stay still for some time to gain the sense of current. And often they would crawl into their deep darkness and dream of the pouring beauty.

As spice and passion filled the fourth, their appearance was smooth, but they burnt the hands, which wanted to touch them with hot and sharp hurting. They were always keeping community warm and safe, for they were the warriors against the darkness (WADs) and their occupation was to protect anyone who gets into darkness, for one could step back to light.

Everything the four nations created they did for community. Eternity thought that no harm could be ever done by creation, as it was a dream coming true. He feared destruction most of all. The King was afraid that his nations would become aware of powers they possess and cooperating together, will create destruction with their tools obtained for creation. The most of all he cherished this dream world they all lived in, and to prevent such had to resort to the extreme. Therefore, the only thing King Eternity forbid was a touch.

A touch, he thought, this little, even meaningless action of mutual acceptance and understanding could turn the world up; turn over the velveteen chaotic harmony he has been creating  with his helpers for so long . A touch that could mean nothing, but so much at the same time… A touch, creating distant closeness activating new way of life and new way of feeling.

One time, while every nation was as usually busy with their occupations, a Sapphire Blue citizen went with the flow of her thoughts and didn’t even noticed that now she was far away from the space of her creation. At first, she took fright of being lost in an unknown place. The thoughts were rushing into her mind as she reflected of what would happen to the flow when she was not watching it; would it run into another direction while she was not there; would the flow flood the Terra Cotta Brown, and how would they get out of it; and how she was going to supply drinks and baths if she was not there; and… suddenly her thoughts stopped. She looked up and stoned marveled of what her beautiful priceless eyes laid on. Astonishment overwhelmed her inside metamorphosing her color into a monotonous deep dark blue and would not let her talk.

“Who are you? And how do you dare to be getting dark in presence of a WAD? ,” asked Coquelicot Red. “In fact, this territory is the district of Reds. You are not allowed here.”

“…But I got lost. I am sorry for being wandering here, Red,” said she, starring at a Red, which she had never met before. Minute after they were still examining each other not uttering a word into the haze. Then, suddenly, like by order they both turned around and left.

Later, Blue was tranquil as usual, but sad as never. She had so many thoughts in her head she could not even follow them. “Who was he? Why do we never meet other nations? And how come… and so… do they… Are we allowed to look at other nations? What would happen if we would? But, however, was it fine? And if not, what was I to do about it..?” she was thinking.

She turned with the flow to run tranquil again, but got startled, as Red was standing behind her. He did not say a word and she did not want to hear any, so they stared at each other for hours and hours, examining every single molecule of substance. Then they both suddenly left each in his direction.

The time was passing by as they continued to see each other, still, not daring to move the air with their unnecessary words. It was breathtaking when they were metamorphosing their inside with darker shade of their colors and backwards while looking into each other’s glaring with hope of truthful eyes, remaining always silently.

“I have been thinking… No one knows what would happen, if we touch. It is forbidden, I know. But would a single touch be crucial for world? What if all this is false? What if we are false? What if all this is unreal and we are trapped in a cage of eternity with no beginning or end? What if all we are is dust and all we think is air, and all we live for is food and shelter? What if we touch? What if we change the course of the world? Find a new purpose of essence? What if we…?”

“Stop,” interrupted Blue. They shared the thoughts. The wind had already brought her the same ones earlier that day. “It is time for completing our essential true purpose: to find the truth,” whispered she. And so they reached their hands towards each other, and waiting few seconds they finally touched: finger to finger of Blue and Red, feeling a tender warm and silky sense of two contradicting powers.

The touch produced blinding light, which everyone could see in the Nowhere. The wind twisted the air around them, whirling around with water and mud, and burning with fire producing a circle of lust and envy of the Eternity King. He felt the power of their touch and has come to destroy those, who did not listen to his order. The nations he ones cared for so much, disobeyed him. Nevertheless he was a good ruler of his country, he protected it; gave meaning to it; filled with patience and tolerance, indifference and passion, with creation and beauty, it was all gone now … He hated this touch, as he couldn’t touch anyone, as he was eternity. He desired the touch and feared so much the time it would happen. A touch could be creating curiosity, producing the need to ask questions, opening the eyes to difference.

Eternity’s wrath did not have an end in the world, and as he lifted his fist to squash the trespassers, all the four nations, the four elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire, all came on aid as one whole, being a small, but crucially important part of it. But it was too late. The energy of the whole was so powerful that the circle they formed was of the color of scorching steel. The sparkles of emotions in the eternity suddenly popped-up on the surface, scattering all the colors of the rainbow in the air. The massive sphere of fast moving elements could not bear the tension anymore, and producing an enormous crack exploded with a Big Bang, lightning the haze like millions of fireworks on the 4th of July, destroying everything that was ever created on the place of Nowhere, in the spaces of Everywhere. The explosion, took away all the creature-elements and their King into the past of eternity.

Thus, a new world spotted in time was created: the human world, the world that carries an eternal fight of contradictions. And ever since then the world was governed by the two opposites, like Red and Blue, like fire and water. Similar to good and bad, in fact, where good was not always good, and bad was not bad at all. And yet, each contradiction brings a new struggle for fight within itself, without which life is impossible. The two contradictions, which create themselves and one cannot exist without another. In such a way, the first Man and a first woman appeared to be.

There can be no other greater miracle than the miracle of creation or birth. Especially, when it is a miracle of birth of love. No matter how, each person has to find the element that lies within ones soul and go through this little inner war to resurrect again as the element of love. Each creation is worthy fighting a good battle.

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