Apr 30, 2020

The Global Turn In The History Of Science

The history of science development has been flourishing lately around the globe. The essay of Fa-ti Fan briefly discusses the concepts of circulation and trade, which the science has... Details

Jul 15, 2020

The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush (1925) by famous actor and director Charlie Chaplin is about the search for gold in Alaska, which turns into a comedy farce on human desires and passions. Chaplin tried to use the potential of silent film to convey the idea that man is ready to do anything for gold... Details

Feb 5, 2021

Contemporary Slavery

Slavery is often considered the relic of the past that cannot exist in the modern times. The Civil War in the United States may be seen as a struggle against slavery that caused the international effect. However, slavery still exists and millions of people who are enslaved nowadays are the best evidence of it. Details

Feb 8, 2021

Joe Louis Monument

When I was fifteen, my life brought me to a place that would later become my personal spot of the annual pilgrimage. I was in Detroit, namely at Detroits Hart Plaza. Details

Feb 8, 2021

Plato's Vision of Timocracy, Oligarchy, and Democracy

In modern society, democracy is regarded as the most beneficial system of government. The reason for it is such characteristics of democratic government as the inclusion of all citizens in policymaking through the delegation of powers to the elected representatives. Nevertheless, in many cases, democracy fails to perform this function. Details

Feb 8, 2021

Structure of Federal System

The Constitution is the fundamental law of the United States. Each state has its own unique constitution, which uses mainly in conjunction with the main Constitution. Also, the law may be issued by Congress and local authorities. The law may be issued by the courts too. This paper will describe this legal system of USA, some of methods of the court system. Details


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