Jan 16, 2019

Cerebral Palsy Essay

Despite non-progressive nature of Cerebral Palsy, children with CP diagnosis often face cognitive deterioration during the first year of life. This tendency is associated with wrong diagnosis of cerebral palsy among height risk infants, whose cognitive disorder usually explained by... Details

Jan 17, 2019

Is Coffee Good or Bad on People's Health

In the book “Coffee Culture,” Catherine M. Tucker (2011), points out how the coffee has been suspected to have an influence in almost every kind of diseases. These illnesses include heart diseases, hypertension, cancer, problems associated with reproduction and high levels... Details

Mar 6, 2019

Strengthening Program within Soccer: Goalkeeper

Soccer is a game mostly played by between 7 and 11 players. A complete team must have 11 members on the field at any given time although there are cases where the team is allowed to play with a minimum of 7 players. Whether the team is at its best or worst... Details

Mar 6, 2019

Stress and Its Repercussion on Health

There are diverse definitions of stress provided in literature, which implies that it is perceived differently. Consequently, people respond to stress in various ways. Because of the different responses to the stress, its impacts also vary from one person to another, from one race to another, or from one occupation to another Details

Jun 11, 2019

Skills in Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy proves to be rather effective in its treatment and is used for various purposes. For instance, hypnotherapy is known for making people give up smoking or alcohol. In addition, this type of therapy is also useful and rather efficient for people who need to have some sort of emotional discharge... Details

Jun 11, 2019

Smoking Prevention

Tobacco smoking is a social tragedy. In the United States, so many people smoke that approximately 1200 individuals die in a day, because of smoking directly related diseases. Smoking is most dominant among young adults and youths. This does not mean that adults from 25 years onward do not smoke, not at all... Details


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