A Few Crazy College Courses
28 July, 2020 in Students' Tips

A Few Crazy College Courses

Without any doubt, the high costs that college has might mean only one thing - exclusively serious academics can take place in such institutions. Nevertheless, a lot of courses try to use pop culture, as well as other interests of students, in order to keep them concentrated. Although these classes may appear to be crazy, students quite often can take advantage of them and get to know a lot of significant information from them.

Take a Look at the Following Crazy Courses That Are Available at Colleges

  • The Chemistry of Beer

It's a well-known fact that chemistry is believed to be one of the most difficult subjects to teach. This is especially true when it comes to making an attempt to get students to link to the topic. At West Chester University that is situated in Pennsylvania, students are offered this class. It actually combines chemistry together with one of the subjects that it thought to be beloved among students. Undoubtedly, one of the goals with regard to this course was attracting non-science majors to an exclusive science course - chemistry. Truly speaking, it has been successfully working, namely when it the field trips to different breweries became known.

  • In What Way You Can Win a Beauty Pageant

Oberlin College in Ohio can provide you with an interesting course concerning the interplay of race, gender, sexuality, and class throughout US history in the way of analyzing various beauty pageants. As a matter of fact, this course can definitely help you out in learning this essential information. Apart from that, it puts forward students a perfect introduction into useful methods for diverse cultural studies. What is more, it includes an important field trip to one of the beauty pageants.

  • How to Rule the World

As soon as you win your beauty pageant you may be eager to take this relevant course from Bowdoin College so that you can know what steps you ought to take next. This seminar course is conducted during the first year of studying, and it explores the topic of how a successful leader looks like and what makes an ideal leader. In fact, it examines a lot of powerful rulers that became world-known throughout history, such as Plato, Lincoln, Machiavelli, and Shakespeare in order to illustrate the topic.

  • Philosophy and Star Trek

To tell you the truth, Star Trek is one of the best television shows that is very popular in college courses. Taking into consideration the fact that a lot of philosophical conflicts are present in the program, why not to learn philosophy by using it? This class is offered at Georgetown University, and its main goal is exploring metaphysics through different episodes of Star Trek, as well as necessary writings by philosophers. In fact, many of the topics covered there have to do with lots of difficult questions that the humanity may face in a few decades.

  • How to Watch Television in a Successful Way

Before you decide to take a course involving Star Trek, you'd better attend this one that is offered at Montclair State University. Of course, the process of watching T.V. may certainly not appear difficult yet you can get acquainted with some useful tips regarding the role television plays in culture and our lives.

  • Sport for the Spectator

Believe it or not, it's my firm conviction that we need a special course for watching sports, as well as for watching T.V. This class is offered at Ohio State, and this is not surprising due to the fact that the love of football is quite big at that school. Those students that are not fans of U.S. sports or not familiar with it can take advantage of the possibility to get introduced to the world of sport. The goal of the course is developing an appreciation for sports and identifying the issues that make an impact on the spectators and sports. This particular course is especially relevant for international students because it can help them in learning more about US culture and fitting in.

  • Tree Climbing

In spite of the fact that you might have forgotten about your tree climbing days, that cannot be the case at Cornell University. Tree climbing is believed to be the class there among their numerous outdoor activities. Truly speaking, it is not as straightforward and simple as it seems. This crazy class actually makes an attempt to teach students how they can use rigging and ropes for climbing enormous trees in a safe way and spend the night in a huge tree in some cases.

28 July, 2020 in Students' Tips
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